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Sunday, 7 March 2010

wading gently, that water is still so cold...

I managed another two pages, though not as happy with this one as the last, but hey, I am pleased to be started enough not to give up now...

...Note to Bev, I am starting to feel the old Fifi vibe again & all I can say is , Amen Sister!

Monday, 1 March 2010

In with both feet now, up to the ankles

So I made a couple of decisions about my project

1. Since I'd gone the route of scanning the book and saving it...I tried my once much more creative hand at doing some hand-drawn work. I HATED IT. It all just became a big mess. When I then tried altering using my computer I was far happier with the outcome. What a trip on me---got all the drawing/painting tools and whatnot together & now it turns out on this one I will only need a glue stick & my computer. Here is the result of the cover, frontispiece and the first page of the text...viola!

Getting ready---Big Toe in Water

I got the most fab card from Bev with the books she sent.

Then I HAD to organise all the things I may need so I will always know just where my tools and things are and they are easily at hand