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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cinnamon Witches for Samhain (Halloween)

Did a little crafty project using a recipe from http://www.marthastewart.com/907577/cinnamon-bird-ornament to create a scented seasonal swag.  It's super simple to create, you only need a few things:
1 cup ground cinnamon
1/4 cup applesauce
Craft glue (Elmer's glue, PVC)

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and stir well, you will need a spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl.  

Add the glue a bit at a time until it becomes stiff and pliable at the same time, like this:

You will then need to knead it some and form into a ball & roll it out to about 1/4-1/2:

Using whatever cookie cutters (baking shapes), cut out the shapes, reform the off cuts, re-roll and cut more, keep repeating until there is no more cinnamon dough remaining. 

Using baking or wax paper on a flat surface lay the shapes

I was making quite a few and I used 3 different shapes, witch, cat and bat---Oh, and don't forget if you want these to hang you have to poke holes at the top of the shape

Allow them to dry, I'd put in a warm place as they took several days to dry just on the counter top.  Turn them over every six hours or so and you will notice that the side that was facing down will be sweating a bit or have a darker patch visible.  When you stop seeing that, you will know they are entirely dry.

I decided to kit a swag using some orange & black yarn (cotton), then after it was complete I hung the dried shapes on it and draped it on our mantle:

I also did some using gingerbread men cookie cutters and will string them up for Yule.

Happy Halloween All! 

Monday, 10 September 2012

This summer's new arrivals

Some things have been a bit discombobulated here lately, so I've not managed to continue much on either of the big off-line projects I've promised myself I'd work on this year, so haven't had too much to write about.PLUS I am far too involved in Pinterest for my own good, but damn, I am curating one mighty fine image collection, If I do say so myself.You can check it out here: http://pinterest.com/gabyell13/

In other news, we adopted a rescued feral kitten, saved from the parking lot where I work. The poor thing was nearly dead, but one of the security guards and her sister nursed him back to health.  They couldn't keep him so we decided to offer him a home, and called him Stitch.  This is him when he first arrived:

(This was taken the day after he arrived and stole a piece of pork off of Jeremy's plate when he wasn't looking, licking his tiny chops after that. Notice the blue eyes still, shows how young he was when he somehow got lost away from his litter.  He is a very brave fellow & never shows any fear as most cats I have known would...he is certainly a curious kitty.)

This is him as of yesterday...he's grown a lot in the 3 months he's been here & he's got huge feet...not sure if this means he will be a huge cat one day or not.

We had a 2nd addition to our little family on July 1st, a duck showed up out of the blue and adopted us.  She is a Muscovy duck who doesn't quack but  makes this lovely soft trilly kind of purr noise instead and she follows us around when we are outside with her.  This photo is of her the first day she visited (forgive the ironic improvised pool, but it'a all we had):

Stitch and the duck have made an interesting partnership...

And are sad on rainy days when Stitch is indoors and the duck is outside...

I've sort of given her a name, but it seems a bit wrong to name her as she is a totally free duck who is just hanging out with us.  She is so funny and cheers me up no end when I see her, she does this little head boobing dance, which is kind of like Vogue-ing & then shakes her tail feathers.  I kind of think of her as some kind of positive omen, never been adopted by a duck before...

Oh, did I mention that Muscovy ducks like to be up high?  She has very big feet with claws on her "toes" (you can kind of see them in this photo) which makes it kind of fun to either be having a shower (on the first floor) as she gets up on the roof and knocks on the window when you are in the bathroom & also she walks around the skylight above the kitchen table, so you can be sitting at the table having breakfast when she taps on the skylight window and all you can see is her long neck & head doing her little vogue head danceI guess it's pretty obvious I love this silly duck.

Finally a photo of my stepdaughter's cat, Bellatrix, who's got this this moth fixation...
And that is it for today.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Long time no see

Sorry such a long time between posts, but have had a lot on---so enjoy these garden shots from the last 3months and soon I'll be back:

Monday, 27 February 2012

Bit more new stuff

Sex is good, but not as good as fresh, sweet corn.
Garrison Keillor

Since last time I have been working on starting the seeds for this year, all seeds in Miracle grow soil, planted on 18th February 2012:

I was so exciting to wake up and spot these this morning 26th February 2012:

Just look at the sweet corn, so far so good!!!

Even more exciting is the bean sprout, trying these for the first time

And look at one of mine this morning:

I've been utilising Pinterest even more & it's very helpful in giving lots of ideas:

The only things out right now are still Snowdrops:

Indoors much work has been accomplished in building a stock for my new business:

This little guy conceals an egg as his body, how very cute is this?
If you knit, here's the link for a free pattern to make your own:
As always, share at will, Gabrielle x, 2012

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Other Stuff

Since I last posted I've really accomplished a great deal---

I've completed 3 massive spreadsheets (relief!), I started pinning...and have to keep from researching stuff just to fill up my boards...

This is my favourite board so far, quite fun finding goodies from childhood on the Internet

And this is my favourite pin so far: 
Pinterest is great, because it's a place for holding folders of things you may want to come to again, in particularly helpful to those doing a large project---I want to design costumes again, because with this tool you can just open your latop and all the research is there at your fingertips.  Thinking if you were getting married or having a baby or any other big organisational project you can keep all the ideas in one place.  The images help jog the memory.  If you want to know more, contact me & I'll send you an invitation, meanwhile click on the links beneath the images so you can see how it works.

I've also been curating some more Etsy treasuries---

I got to terms with my new logo---what do you think? Better?
I've completed  three rabbit toys [photos to follow in future]

I made a Valentine for Tom Robbins---

And contemplating getting a copy of this tattoo... 

I think I am getting closer to starting back on the tarot after this hiatus, after making the Valentine for TR, I think I am back in the zone...finally

                        Source: moredesignplease.com via Gabrielle/Marjorie on Pinterest

As always, share at will, Gabrielle x, 2012