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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tarot 24. 10 of Fire: “ISOLATION”

“I had a dream that the whole World was staring at me
I woke up and wasn't no one there” Wiz Khalifa from the song “Fly solo”

A man sits isolated in a room while a fire burns out of control all around him, he is oblivious to the danger

INTERPRETATION: This tarot normally indicates burdens or responsibilities that zap all your energy, this causes a mind focused on worry and a life doing what you must rather than what you want.  If this has been going on for a while, you may not even realise what you do want anymore because your life has been on a rotation of work, responsibility and worry that allows little else into your life.

The tens in all the suits bring the challenge of their individual elements.  In some cases it can give just a little too much of the energies they represent:

·                                 In 10 of earth “Bounty you will be incredibly focused on your material world, quite possibly to the point of obsession.  You could become a collector now, believing the items you collect will be of greater value in the future.  You may find the collecting and having needs outweigh other needs just now.  Be careful not to alienate those closest to you by being single-minded in your acquisition-ing.

·                     In 10 of fire “Isolation” you will need to be alone and become something of a hermit for a brief period.  You have had far too many responsibilities and commitments for too long.  You now need to take yourself off for a while to reboot yourself.  If you do not take time for yourself you may find your health will suffer, causing you to take time off anyway.

·                     In 10 of Water "Baptism" you will have wonderful skills of visualisation.  You will be able to create pictures with your mind.  What may be much more difficult to make something of those inspirational images.  You will have to separate fantasy from reality as you may be overly confident on what you can actually achieve alone.

·                     In 10 of Air "Transcendence" there may be an important decision you have to make but it is difficult when you have too much interference.  You will have to make your decision based on yourself alone, and not allow others have an opinion.  A good way to work with this energy is through meditation, when you can make your mind blank and at peace. Only then will it be possible for you to know how you want to proceed.

The ten of fire can also indicate that you are so busy worrying about your daily grind that you are unable to notice true dangers around you or even opportunities that come along. Often there is a difficult emotion permeating your inner world, such as being ashamed or embarrassed of what you are obliged to do. 

 Because the emotions are too difficult to deal with the tendency is to go inside yourself and cut yourself off from those who can help you as you don’t want to burden them with your problems or you feel ashamed of some situation you are in and you may fear your close family and friends will find out the truth, so you isolate yourself.

While it is likely that whatever you have been troubled with is somewhat self-inflicted, it doesn’t mean you should not seek help---YOU SHOULD.  This will be very difficult to ask for aid because you will have to tell someone about your problems. 

You will need to let it all out and this can be quite painful, but realise it may be somewhat easier if you unload to someone who is a professional or not a part of your immediate circle.
If you can stop judging yourself and voice your worries you will be on the way to rebalance your life. 

Possibly you need to complete some obligation that you believe you cannot do but you must try to and try different ways of completing the process.

If you have asked a question about some project you are working on, then simply, Freeze!  Progress no further in this direction as it is not working out for you and you have to accept this once and for all. If you continue on you will experience only loss of associates, of energy, or position or of yourself.

Like all difficult tarots, this will not last forever.  In this case, you will have to rest from all you have been doing, admit there’s a problem and give yourself a break.  Soon as you do things will slowly heal and become much easier to deal with.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot

Saturday, 23 July 2011


“...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” Sherlock Holmes in The Sign of the Four, ch. 6 (1890)       (Doubleday p. 111)

“It is wiser to find out than to suppose”---Mark Twain

This tarot image pictures two “stiff upper-lipped” men discussing the news in front of a cosy fire; armchair debaters. Above the fireplace mantle rests reflective sunglasses.  Reflected in the sunglasses are images of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, above this are nine candles shedding light on the debated subject.  Clocks behind the candles represent the amount of time it takes to gather evidence in order to get to the point of being able to make conclusions based on the evidence.

INTERPRETATION: This tarot indicates being mentally in turn with others who will help you to reason out some situation in your life. You will feel you haven’t entirely got all the truth in order to make some informed decision, thus you will need to gather more information. 

All nines in all of the suits are very powerful because the numbers
3x3 = 9,
This can either be a powerful positive (blessing) or negative (curse) 

  • In 9 of earth “Seasons” the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the seemingly mundane: family, home and friends and neighbours.  In its most beneficial you will experience the pleasure of your home life and family, in its most negative you may discover family histories or secrets that do not appeal and at worst makes you feel ashamed to be a member of your family

  • In 9 of fire “SECRET INVESTIGATIONS the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the passions: through vocations or avocations, love relationships, sexuality and the arts.  In its most beneficial you will experience a most satisfying and accomplished period through the secrets you uncover and if in your work you do research this is an extra benefit to give you the break-through you were looking for.  In its most negative you may find that your investigations have led you to finding things out that you wish you never knew, and this can lead to falsely misconstrued accusations, which in turn can lead to a great explosion of arguments that have the potential of becoming physical fights, revenge-seeking and the ending of an important relationship.

  • In 9 of Water "Resources" the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the emotions: through giving yourself to others, love relationships, spirituality and the photographic arts.  In its most beneficial you will experience a full soul, a period of spiritual rebirth and romantic love, in its most negative you will be confused and unable to control your emotions and this can cause deep hurt, emotional crippling and loneliness

  • In 9 of Air "Deception" the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the intellect: through an ability to ferret out any deception surrounding you.  In its most beneficial you will experience of teaching, learning and research is enhanced, also others will likely seek you out for your good judgement, in its most negative you will find yourself in a situation where you feel you can only act in a deceitful way to protect yourself and this can lead to losing yourself in a tornado of lies

That which you need for expansion at the present time is actually hidden all about you.  Your personal mission is to ferret out the truth under the cover of darkness, tell no one of your plans of progression. Rely heavily on your powers of observation. Everything you actually need you have about you and within you; realise this.

The fire represents a “burning desire” kindled in a safe and well-protected environment, a blessing that will really help you grow.  Of course because this card is very powerful so you must tame its power in the way of the element.

When you find this tarot in its positive manifestation you will be able to deal with disappointments and utilise the opportunities a disappointment brings.  You will be able to manage the fire in your belly and focus and concentrate your energy in order to complete important tasks and projects.  You will be determined to gain the information you need to make important decisions, no matter how upsetting the information may be.  This ability to separate yourself from the situation in order to objectively make decisions based on the evidence you have is typical.

When you find this tarot in its negative manifestation you will be apt to constantly expect the worst, which can cause you to appear or actually become paranoid and feel everyone is against you.  You can be especially well-guarded and secretive and this will isolate you from others, reinforcing the idea that:

Sometimes the nine of fire can represent a final ordeal after a quite lengthy difficult period.  Perhaps you may need to realise your part in the situation and accept it and this can bring you peace.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Tarot Backs

Tonight I finally got around to working on the image for the back of these cards...

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Gabrielle Elliot

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tarot 22 - 8 of Fire: "ANTICIPATION"

This is the moment before action and you must now step back and wait.  

Embrace the encounter of looking forward, for change is just around the corner.

I have been temperate always, 
But I am like to be very drunk 
With your coming. 
There have been times 
I feared to walk down the street 
Lest I should reel with the wine of you, 
And jerk against my neighbours 
As they go by. 
I am parched now, and my tongue is horrible in my mouth, 
But my brain is noisy 
With the clash and gurgle of filling wine-cups. 

--- Anticipation by Amy Lowell

Pictured in this tarot is a bomb held gently by strong hands.  Two arms holding a match apiece reach forward to light the fuse while a young boy looks on frighteningly excited.  In the background a mushroom cloud of fire explodes.

INTERPRETATION:  Do nothing, try not even to think about your plans or hopes or desires for the moment. It is time to take care and wait for something good is coming to you very soon.

All of the eights in all of the four suits represent a second layer of mastery in your earthly life.  Eights are enduring so you should consider that the mastery you are “earning” just now will last for some time, and will be of greater value to you in future.

  • In 8 of earth “Achievements” you are invited to use your particular or professional skills and talents. This tarot brings some material benefits, good health, perhaps a pay rise or bonus for something you have "designed" in any medium. Your projects of any type that was begun two years ago is about to come to a mighty climax, or alternatively this tarot is also good to meditate on when starting a new project, one that is long term [lasting for around two years] 
  •  In 8 of Fire “Anticipation” you are invited to use your particular passions. This tarot brings you some ego enhancement, self-confidence, perhaps a new relationship or new passion for doing something. The new passions you find now are intense, old passions are also raising up a notch or returning to you. Until these new passions are apparent you may feel a great deal of anticipation. 
  • In 8 of Water "Horror" you will be called upon to use your particular healing abilities. This tarot brings you focus, emotional control, and "KEEPING YOUR HEAD ABOUT YOU WHEN ALL THOSE AROUND YOU ARE LOSING THEIRS". You may have to be a tower of strength in some difficult situation and may will come to depend upon you emotionally for a while.
  • In 8 of Air "Patience" you will be called upon to use your particular knowledge and understanding. This tarot brings you eloquent powers of communication, and the knowledge to know when to speak and when to listen and a strong rational reasoning. Others are likely to admire your input and trust your judgement.

When you have the eight of fire in your hand, you will have to remain calm, as what is going on around you is causing you some stress, it is a good stress insofar that you will feel that what you are waiting for will try your patience.  Inside you will feel as fluttery as a butterfly accidentally caught in a closet.

The more you think about the thing you are waiting for or the more you try to control it the longer it will take for it to manifest.  Try not to have expectations.  This particular change would likely be best exemplified by illustrating this fact, the less you expect, the more you will welcome what does occur.

It is time to release all thoughts, allowing them to become manifest.  Worrying the issue  or even fantasising about it will only bring delays.
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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot

Monday, 4 July 2011

Tarot 21 - 7 of Fire: "PERSISTENCE"

You can do it if you think you can ...and if you really, really want it
It is imperative to continue on even if you find yourself without support or encouragement.  You will eventually accomplish the task at hand.             

A young man, dressed in robes and burning incense in a cauldron leans forward into the smoke, protecting himself with a heavy tapestry curtain and a row of burning candles.  Outside behind him, the lights of a city experiencing a lightning storm twinkle, but he is focused on the incense and has not noticed the lightning strikes.

INTERPRETATION:  At the present time it may feel as though your struggles are all for naught.  You are within the cycle of the solitary and like all else, it will eventually change.  Look to your highest self for support.  From the smoke of the cleansing fire arises much intuitive protection from within.  Worry not, for continual expanding movement is possible now.        

In all the sevens in each of the suits you will find the theme of needing to recognise and acknowledge a basic truth that you have either ignored or simply not comprehended.  This then represents the something that is limiting you from proceeding on your course.

You may think that something you want or something you want to do has been thwarted recently and it is down to this inability to have recognised about the truth of the situation. It can be something you really believe you haven’t got that you need, but in actuality there is an alternative something you have not yet considered that can alternatively get to where you want to be.

·                     In 7 of earth “Circumstances” you will have to come to understand that you have been trying to work against time, either your ideas are ahead of their time or you will have to accept that you have missed the boat and will now have to try and launch your project in the future when the time comes around again

·                     In 7 of fire “Persistence” you may be worried that you do not have the passion needed to carry through your ideas or dreams, you will have to understand that you have enough passion, so it is more about believing in yourself and that you really can accomplish what you want, use this as your anthem:

·                     In 7 of water “Self-preservation” you may fear that loving means you will inevitably be hurt again so you have been holding yourself back from relationships.  When you realise that sharing yourself emotionally with others will always be a risk, then you will be ready to go out and try again to love

·                     In 7 of air “Reality Check” is about recognising that you honestly do know what’s best, in many instances this tarot represents “physician heal yourself”

INTERPRETATION:  Success is possible through honouring the inherent intuition within you.  Listen to your inner voice. 

You may feel your way is blocked but that is a false thought, let go of your preconceived notions of how you will gain what you want and focus all your energy only on the thing you want or want to be. 

You'll need to temper your intuition with making careful observations and learning as much as you can from the others involved.  You may feel that you are not entirely sure that you know how to proceed.  If this is the case, you will have to make your best guess.  No one will be able to tell you what you should do.

It is in your power to succeed, so carry on...even if you're not sure where you are going.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot, ©2011