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Sunday, 11 October 2015

...It's that Orange & Black time of the year again

Right, been a while due to having some travels, but it's October and that means everything comes in pumpkin-cinnamon spicy flavoured limited edition, wrapped in orange & black, yep, Halloween is on its way again!!!

So a quick couple of hollow-weenie things for you to have a look at on your Inter-web ventures---

 Monkey Cats Studio (Designer Laurie Hardin) has some lovely Halloween artworks, check out her blog, her stuff is really fabulous

Tonight I came upon another great resource, a whole website dedicated to Halloween

Halloween Cheesecake

I recently got an email from a group I follow, The Public Domain Review asking for a volunteer for their social media and I thought I'd have a look at the job description---long story short; I began doing research on their website and found this fascinating book on what to wear at a costume party, amazeballs! (all online free to read), so gotta share that.

Magpie Costume
And if you haven't had enough Halloween yet, come on over to Pinterest and let me show you my many related boards, loads of ideas there.

Gabrielle's Pinterest Page

Happy Haunting on the Halloween web

Until next time!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Random Crafts---Knitting & Quilting

Soz, been away again for a while but I have been making some stuff

Two weeks ago someone I know at work who broke his leg and needed something to keep it warm while it healed, I asked him what he would like & he replied "make it as hideous as possible"....ta da!

When I went to the PO to send it to him, I had to sign the little tag that declares what was in the package so I wrote "leg warmer", the woman at the window read it, laughed and asked: "Only the one?" And I explained my friends plight & she sent him her best wishes---but as I was driving home I thought, "She didn't know that I didn't have a friend with only one leg, what if I had?  Rude."

Next up, I made my lovely step-daughter an ugly sweater for Xmas, it was a bit big for her so I need to take it in so she can wear it next year to an ugly Xmas sweater party:



I wanted t try a pattern fr some long stockings, and while the pattern looks pretty good, they also were too big, so I have some more taking in to do:

My Stateside best pal shaved her head for a children's charity & raised a lot of money but it was really cold then so I was worried she would get ill.  One of her favourite stories is 'The Point' and in it the main character is called Oblio and I made her a hat like his, this is him with his dog, Arrow:

And here she is in her Oblio hat with her very own Arrow!

Some years ago I made my stepdaughter a quilt using all her old t-shirts from childhood that no longer fit as quilt pieces, she still uses it:

Last year I was ill a lot & so for Valentine's day I made all the nurses who helped me these little hearts & filled them with herbs & oils to scent them

Finally for now, here's a little sweater I made my Godson

Thanks for visiting!!! xxx

Thursday, 21 May 2015

This week...

...I will mostly watching...

Friday, 9 January 2015

Dans l'unité pour la liberté d'expression 

In unity with all artists, 
requiring the simple freedom to express our worldview without fear