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Thursday, 28 April 2011


Greetings everyone,

Just wanted to say I have reached the end of the suit of earth cards, so I am going to be updating the first 14 tarot cards' interpretations and general information.  There might also be a few tweaks here and there to the images, so if you look at the archive, you may see some new things...

Thanks for looking, please feel free to comment! ---Gabrielle

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tarot 13 Man of Earth "the CONSUMER"

“It’s good to be the King”

The Consumer fears he will never fill the seeming emptiness of his life, although he does not understand this consciously.  To him the world is a bottomless pit of things for him to purchase and consume.

All of the men in all of the suits should be considered as having active attributes of the positive and negative of each of the suits. 

The man of earth, “the CONSUMER” always has to have the next big thing.  He is very generous but do not forget to tell him “thank you” as you will not be gifted from him again if you do not acknowledge his generosity. He has no idea how to satisfy his overwhelming hungers.

The man of fire, “the ASSASSIN" is always on his guard.  He is quite often hard to pin down and to trust that he will keep his promises.  Because he is unpredictable he can be terribly exciting to be around.  If you friend him, he’s “always got your back.”

The man of water, “the SOCIOLOGIST never really makes a commitment to what he thinks, feels or believes.  He constantly seeks to be the witness but never the actor in any real-life situation.  He does have ideas but he keeps them all to himself.  He will ask all the questions and rarely, if ever, answers any himself.

The man of air, “the EXPLORER” rarely stays in one place, unless he is conducting some sort of experiment.  He is often seeking and gaining more information.  He will be an excellent judge and strategically approach any problem or issue. 

The image of this tarot shows a rather portly man who is dressed in crimson velvet and ready to tuck into a mountain of fast-food burgers while he watches television probably set to a shopping channel, where else would he have found his singing fish without the shopping on TV?

He seems perpetually self-satisfied and sees no reason why he should change what’s already good. In fact

He sits amid his treasures and mementoes of a long life where he was always an integral character in his strange or notorious circle of friends. Note his poster of “Devil Chicken”, his once side-show attraction, this chicken won him a few blue ribbons and some carnival renown. He still has many friends and people respect him.  He is an optimist and is a quite generous fellow. Unfortunately he can go overboard with extravagance when he gives gifts to others.

He can either represent you or someone in your environment. The card shows a male, so this explanation uses male pronouns [he, him, and his] but the person in your life represented by this tarot may be a female.  All the “face cards” [child, adolescent, man or woman] can be either gender in a reading, focus more on what kind of person this represents and how that person affects your life now.

If this is someone in your life, you will know who this is because he will often give you gifts, especially when he reminds you more than once what he’s given you.  He may invite you for a meal the first time you meet.  Take care, for while he may be funny and friendly and generous when you meet him, he is likely to steal what you have on your plate when your back is turned!  [And why not, he’s paying!]

Be careful what you accept from him, as he may have expectations of you owing him something because he has given it.  Ensure to thank this person for everything given to you.  If you do not, you will eventually be turned out of his circle but in such a way as you do not realise it is slowly happening.

Someone in your life maybe having financial difficulties because they buy too many frivolous & unnecessary items, both to keep and to give.  You may have to help them understand that people will still like and admire them without gifts.

We put fertilisers and pesticides on the earth and pollute her in the name of progress.  Like her we are also force-fed what is supposedly "good for us".  Society via the media gives us messages that we are not whole individuals unless we own certain material things.  Someone in your life may have some food issues and need your help getting help.

These things are only a substitute for what we really need to feel full.  Something that you truly desire and NEED, and you feel is beyond your grasp so you are gobbling everything that comes into your path.  Slow down, stop even for a while and fill yourself with yourself
As always, share at will, Gabrielle x, 2011

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Tarot 12 Adolescent of Earth: "The RUNAWAY"

"Know thyself"? If I knew myself I'd run away”---
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“I want to run away,

Just be gone – check out

I long to hide away

And bury my head in my hands

To just cry until I am all cried out

Done - no tears left

Cry till all the sad is gone...”

The Adolescent of earth feels the stirring energy of the metropolis; uncomfortable almost in his own skin. 

INTERPRETATION:  All of the adolescents should be considered as being in the state of being a terrible teen.  They are grown up in some ways and still innocent of experience in the world. 

The adolescent of earth, “the RUNAWAY” is changing every moment and this means that he can never catch his breath.  He doesn’t like the state he is in and thinks that to runaway is his only option. He may appear to trust you but when your back is turn he runs away again.

The adolescent of fire, “the INITIATE” has prepared herself to go into the next part of her life.  Her elders have told her what to expect but not how to feel about it. Only when she finally experiences her initiation will she finally know. She trusts only her experiences.

The adolescent of water, “the PIRATE” is quite self-indulgent, the whole world revolves around him and he thinks nothing of taking what he wants.  This narrow view of the world leads him into doing some petty crimes so to get what he wants.  He is not to be trusted as he will have a convincing act.

The adolescent of air, “the JAILER” feels out of control mentally, constantly worrying about everything.  Since she cannot control her own mind to concentrate, she tries to entrap others to try and control what others think.  She will lie to get people to do what she wants them to and if you can catch her with her true face on you will see how truly manipulative she is. She will try to gain your trust, but tell her as little as possible.

He yearns for the activity and adventure of the unknown.  He has yet to realise that he can never run away from himself. You will notice that he likes to wear clothes that once belonged to someone else.  He perches near doors and windows, close to the exits. 

The earth is changing and is vulnerable.  You are vulnerable as well, but do not run away from your vulnerabilities, make an effort to understand them.  Realise who you are, where you came from, where you are going to…all of these culminate in the you that is you today.  Don't run away from the pain of understanding yourself. 

All parents have to bear the “teenage years” when all children are working out for themselves who they are and what the world means to them.  Taking one’s first steps toward independence is a difficult adventure, especially if the parents’ aren’t too keen on letting go.

If you are a parent with teenagers, this may indicate that they need a little room to grow, so give them some breathing space.

If you follow the child on his runaway adventure because you want to forget something, you could lose what you have already gained in the material realm, can you really afford to lose it?  Running away may seem fun and adventurous but if it is simply an escape to get away from a situation or encounter you believe will be a bad one you will never escape finding a conclusion no matter how far you run.

If you need space from someone or something then this is the time to take off and leave it all behind.  Certainly it’s important to look forward and really commit to the adventure, there will not be any going back.

"Vacation from myself
Vacation from myself
I'm sick of all three
Myself and I and me
And I need a vacation from myself"---Jason Eklund

If you are undergoing a period of redefining who you are and how you want to express it you may find this being a somewhat painful experience.  It may make you feel like running away and changing your identity.  Bear in mind that no matter how you change your appearance, where you work or live or who you live with, you will always end up with the same person---yourself.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Tarot 11 Child of Earth "The LOVER"

Innocent and fiercely trusting, this tarot motivates to give and receive love above all else

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”---Tom Robbins

INTERPRETATION: The Children of each suit represent each element in their purest form, stripped down to its most basic state---
  • The child of earth, “the LOVER” knows only how to love, to touch, to embrace...she is a rare treasure.  She knows for certain that love is all and that a hug will heal most hurts. 
  • The child of fire, “the RESEARCHER” knows only the must experience to make sense of the world around him...he seems to be quite brave.  He knows that he still has a lot to learn and is not afraid to learn new things.
  • The child of water, “the SAVIOUR” knows only how to give...she is precious inspiration.  She only touches people’s hearts and gives herself.
  • The child of air, “the DREAMER” knows more about his imaginative self than his physical world.  It is hard for him to determine which is real and which is imagined, both will seem equally valid to this child.

When you meet her, you may notice that she wears clothing made from sumptuous fabrics and has the tendency to hold onto something soft, a purse or pillows.  You will notice her sensuality and she will most likely ask for a hug [or just take one] upon your first meeting. 

The earth is reborn in this infant and she is healing herself.  You are also reborn when you draw this card.  Touch can heal you. 

Nurture your childlike qualities and go outside and play.  It is a time to pay attention to the physical world.  See it anew with awe of her beauties. 

Learn to love the feeling of the earth between your fingers, stand in the tall grass barefoot.  Simple pleasures now can fill you with awe at the magnificence of the world.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tarot 10 of Earth "BOUNTY"

Embrace the Earth and care for her as did your ancestors.  They left her as your birthright

What birthright will you bequeath to those who come after you?         
INTERPRETATION:  Attention to family traditions and inheritance are of utmost importance at this time. 

The tens in all the suits bring the challenge of their individual elements.  In some cases it can give just a little too much of the energies they represent:
·                                 In 10 of earth “Bounty you will be incredibly focused on your material world, quite possibly to the point of obsession.  You could become a collector now, believing the items you collect will be of greater value in the future.  You may find the collecting and having needs outweigh other needs just now.  Be careful not to alienate those closest to you by being single-minded in your acquisitioning.
·                     In 10 of fire “Isolation” you will need to be alone and become something of a hermit for a brief period.  You have had far too many responsibilities and commitments for too long.  You now need to take yourself off for a while to reboot yourself.  If you do not take time for yourself you may find your health will suffer, causing you to take time off anyway.
·                     In 10 of Water "Baptism" you will have wonderful skills of visualisation.  You will be able to create pictures with your mind.  What may be much more difficult to make something of those inspirational images.  You will have to separate fantasy from reality as you may be overly confident on what you can actually achieve alone.
·                     In 10 of Air "Transcendence" there may be an important decision you have to make but it is difficult when you have too much interference.  You will have to make your decision based on yourself alone, and not allow others have an opinion.  A good way to work with this energy is through meditation, when you can make your mind blank and at peace. Only then will it be possible for you to know how you want to proceed.

A stable home is being established, preserving and/or improving your home is indicated. This home improvement will be from the perspective of improving its value due to your own creative thinking. 

Material gifts are likely to come to you through a female.  Finding this card represents a time when the material world is benefiting you.

Think about what it is that you really need.  Then take what you need, and pass on what you do not require.  This tarot requires fluidity of the material resources you use, so be advised that hording or collecting will be of little security to you. 
Certainly link and make suggestions to anyone you think would like to see these. Just please do not reprint as your own work.
Best Wishes, Gabrielle Elliot, ©2011

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Did you hear about the orange sheep a farmer painted so they wouldn't get stolen?  I quite like the look of them, especially on my redesigned blog.  I used to be the black sheep of the family, now I am thinking of going orange!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tarot 9 of Earth "SEASONS"

Every earthly manifestation has its moment in the Sun, every step on the spiral of life is a new adventure and every age you live has its golden moments.
INTERPRETATION: Nine of earth represents those things that you have (own, possess) that are intangible.  The material world gives value through the living of your life, but those valuable possessions cannot always be held in your hands. Your life itself is invaluable to you, give a listen:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DejUPN4SksU&feature=related

All nines in all of the suits are very powerful because the numbers

3x3 = 9,
which can either be a powerful positive (blessing) or negative (curse). 

·                     In 9 of earth “Seasons” the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the seemingly mundane: family, home and friends and neighbours.  In its most beneficial you will experience the pleasure of your home life and family, in its most negative you may discover family histories or secrets that do not appeal and at worst makes you feel ashamed to be a member of it

·                     In 9 of fire “SECRET INVESTIGATIONS the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the passions: through vocations or avocations, love relationships, sexuality and the arts.  In its most beneficial you will experience a most satisfying and accomplished period through the secrets you uncover and if you research this is an extra benefit to give you the break-through you were looking for, in its most negative you may find that your investigations have led you to finding things out that you wish you never knew, and this can lead to falsely misconstrued accusations, which in turn can lead to a great explosion of arguments that have the potential of becoming physical fights, revenge-seeking and the ending of an important relationship.

·                     In 9 of Water "Resources" the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the emotions: through giving yourself to others, love relationships, spirituality and the photographic arts.  In its most beneficial you will experience a full soul, a period of spiritual rebirth and romantic love, in its most negative you will be confused and unable to control your emotions and this can cause deep hurt, emotional crippling and loneliness

·                     In 9 of Air "Deception" the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the intellect: through an ability to ferret out any deception surrounding you.  In its most beneficial you will experience of teaching, learning and research is enhanced, also others will likely seek you out for your good judgement, in its most negative you will find yourself in a situation where you feel you can only act in a deceitful way to protect yourself and this can lead to losing yourself in a tornado of lies

This is a tarot of power because it symbolises the strength of the family line, the value in “blood” whether it is your own blood or the blood of your ancestors---“the blood is the life”. Apparently when the Celtic tribes would take a census of all they owned, such as seven sturdy horses, one bag of silver, etc.  At the very top of their census was the item:  “Child wealth”, for they revered their offspring as the single most important thing they possessed. 

Material security is yours now, though you may not realise it just yet.  Live in the present now, not the past nor future.  Stay in your body!  Earth has her seasons and no one season is more important than the next, spring, summer, autumn and winter.  All lives have their cycles, birth, life, decay and death, rebirth, etc.  It is time to understand the cycle of your own growth and development you find yourself in and embrace it rather than disdain it. 

When you have chosen this card you may need to examine your intangible possessions and appreciate them; such as good health, happy family relationships, joy in living.  Examination of positives helps create stronger focus in your life as you slowly teach yourself to look for that which will be of value to you in the future.  If you are a parent, pay attention to your children, what do you value about then?  Tell them how you value them.  If you are a grandparent, it is time to impart some legacy on one of your children or grandchildren.

If you are an adult and have a living grandparent, visit him or her and pay your respects, as this will help you understand the power in your blood. No matter which stage on the cycle of life you are in now, it is a time to embrace and appreciate all you are and all that you possess.   

Certainly link and make suggestions to anyone you think would like to see these. Just please do not reprint as your own work.
Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot, ©2011