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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Xmas ideas 2011---number 4 Ugly sweater party

The Ugly Holiday sweater party
This kind of party is a relatively new tradition, coming from the USA and Canada where everyone has an ugly Christmas sweater [or 5] in the back of their closets.  Where too, stores announce that they have ugly Yuletide sweaters for sale:
Read more about ugly sweaters at "The Daily Green", [they have a great slide show of ugly sweaters from past Christmas parties] and other ways to have a green Holiday:

  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Games
  • Prizes for the winners [should be as tacky and cheap as possible, have many categories so there are prizes for more than one person]
2. Think Thrift Shop. Whether going or throwing, you might want to pick up some special specimens, and you won't find a better source than Goodwill. And you can't beat the prices. Just plan on spending a little extra for dry cleaning.

[Actually I would quite like a pair of these]
6. Think Prizes. Kick it up a notch and add a contest to the mix. And what do you give the partygoer with the uglist, tackiest, most heinous Christmas sweater? How about Christmas socks

It’s so popular that there are even songs about these hideously ugly sweaters:
Ugly Christmas sweaters parties are a fun way for guests to relax and not have to worry about wearing anything fancy. Find yourself an ugly sweater you can wear to an ugly sweater contest this Christmas. 
The best place to find an ugly Christmas sweater for a party is at the Thrift store in the back of the closet or in old boxes. Look in strange places and you will probably find ugly Christmas sweatshirts and more.
Purchase the Ugly Christmas Sweaters Book, it Includes the history of the event, how to throw the perfect party, what to wear, and how to judge the all-important ugly Christmas sweater contest. 
[If you would like to have a copy of this book, you can order one from Amazon from £2.90-£5.00 in the UK or from $8.52-$11.53 in the USA]
If you're like us, you probably have an old Christmas sweater or two hidden in your closet. Don't let it miss another excuse-filled holiday! Or, if you're feeling obligated to wear that sweater you got as a gift, flaunt it! So showy they're now ironic, "ugly Christmas sweaters" are sweeping the nation in the newest trend, bringing conversation and laughs to parties, bar crawls and office get-togethers.

Once you are the proud owner of the world’s ugliest Christmas sweater but you are still left wondering, "how do I get the Ugly Sweater Party started?" Here are some party ideas that will get the party started and keep it going:

How to Host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need:
Read more about hosting the ugly sweater party on jamadots blog:
Here's a helpful guide from Hellish Holiday's website
1. Think Ironic. You probably have fond memories of your older relatives at holiday gatherings wearing sweaters with Christmas trees and Santa Claus. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party pokes fun at these wardrobe choices, and no one wants to be mean to Grandma. So mentally separate the Grandma sweater from the Party sweater.

3. Think with a Twist. Move beyond the sweater. Add in a turtleneck, jewelry...
or a tie.

4. Think Regional. So you think you live somewhere that's not the right spot for this concept? How about a Compromise? Instead hold an Ugly Christmas Tights party...

 ...or an ugly Holiday Hat party...

or a T Shirt Party instead:
Or add the White elephant exchange to an ugly outfit party:
5. Think Unsexy. There's nothing hot about a Christmas sweater, unless you're wearing it in Hawaii (against our excellent advice). No bare midriffs, especially on guys.  
Now I kinda have to disagree with Hellish Holiday on the un-sexy thing because this girl's outfit is hilarious in my opinion.

Or everyone's ubiquitous favourite: Fruitcake!
Or you can simply design and make your own from the stuff you have around the house, here’s a how to video:

Here's one he made earlier:
Visit the ”My ugly Christmas sweater” website to get inspired to DIY your own ugly sweater:
And here’s a free download to make your own invitations:

There is no reason why this fun and inexpensive party can’t go global is there? Have fun organising your own parties!  

I’ll expect my invitation shortly...

Please share at will!---Gabrielle 2011


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