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Monday, 24 October 2011

3rd of the Top 13 Best Halloween Internet Finds List

3. Costumes
I haven't dressed up for Halloween since 1994 so I am a bit rusty on what's a hot costume for 2011. In my lifetime I have, however, made many, many costumes for the stage, so I had to get a costume list up...and in time for the big weekend before Halloween, what am I going to be this year spin. 
I offer you this gallery of clever Halloween costumes, make-ups and masks that caught my eye:

13. Zippyface
 This would have gotten an A+ if someone had created this for their final makeup design [you know who you are ;-)]
What  is this character from or is she just going for the shock factor or is it a kind of poetic statement?
12. Melanie Daniels [Tippi Hedren] in The Birds
I personally love this one, but of course I am old and  am still a little scared whenever I see a few too many birds congregated in an unexpected location

11. Old Ladies at the door

Someone was so inspired by this sweet story that they drew a cartoon strip to illustrate it


10. Gutted
I'm afraid this one might take a little longer than just the weekend...

9. Creepy doll face
She's really confident in her delivery as she shows you how to apply this makeup

8. Psycho
Another that will take a bit of planning...but "such fun!"

7. Cheshire cat in tree and Chia Pet
I've made a Cheshire Cat and a tree---why didn't I think to put them together??? Brilliant idea!
I cannot stop laughing...normally I really don't like costumes for animals, but in this instance I gotta make an exception

6. Little Headless girl

She's so sweet and so scary!

5. Sock Monkey
I still have my sock monkey my Grandma made me so I had to feature this incredibly clever costume
4. Vintage Masks, creepier now than they were in the olden days
I had the one that has a blue crown and earrings [top row/second in] when I was 8 years old

3. Phone Heads

Though they're very much older designed phones this look is so in with the Ga-gettes

2. Costume EPIC FAILS
It's the Human Pumpkin
I know, bad taste, sorry

1. Guy Fawkes/V is for Vendetta
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As always, share at will, Gabrielle x, 2012

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