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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Card 20 - 6 of Fire: "SELF-RELIANCE"

"No one can cheat you out of ultimate success but yourself"---Ralph Waldo Emerson
From the smoke of the cleansing fire arises much intuitive protection from within.  Worry not, for continual expanding movement is possible now.        

Pictured in the tarot is a man working manually, stoking the fire of a giant furnace, this has been his job for a long time and he is used to it.  The men looking into his inferno  admire his ability to work at this job for as long as he has, never faltering, never taking a sick day.  His consistency is one of the rare gifts in life, and though he is not egotistical, he is proud in his accomplishments.

INTERPRETATION:  Success is possible through honouring the inherent intuition within you.  Listen to your inner voice.  Your passion for doing something is quite high now so whenever you begin a new project now, you will be able to take care of everything all by yourself.  You do not need to do it all yourself, but you could if you wanted to.

The sixes in any of the suits represent the state of being self-reliant and self-inspired  
·     In 6 of earth the “Discrimination” tarot represents a state where you will have to make it yourself, whatever it is
·     In 6 of fire the “Self-Reliance” tarot represents a state where you will have to be self-inspired and self-motivated
·     In 6 of water the “Recollection” tarot represents a time when you will have to rely on your memories and intuition
·     In 6 of air the “Connections” tarot represents a time where you will have to be the hub of communications and networking will be important to you now


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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tarot 19 - 5 of Fire: Associations and Assignations

It isn't always what you know...
...but who you know...

A link to get you in the mood~~~
Edgar Allan Poe's "Assignation"
Pictured on this tarot: five people smoking in intimate and everyday situations 

INTERPRETATION: Sometimes also who you know can hinder you as others will have a tendency to pre-judge you based on external factors, what you wear, how you carry yourself and with whom you associate.  Normally these judgements will be more negative than positive.

All of the fives in each of the suits represent a place of lack in your life at present and these are somewhat more difficult to work through.  These images throw up the reasons why something you want that you cannot have just now. 

They depict circumstances beyond your control and this is what makes them so difficult as they often feel unfair because you do not have the power to change them now.  Depending on which five you find, it will at least help you understand why things are not happening the way you would like them to, in these basic ways:
  •    In 5 of earth the “Depletion” tarot represents that the material world is in opposition to your desires.
  •     In 5 of fire the “Associations and Assignations” tarot represents that passions and arguments are rife, making it impossible to act in the way you desire
  •     In 5 of water the “Repentance” tarot represents that you will be experiencing emotional warfare, blackmail or undo guilt making from something someone knows about you and is manipulating you emotionally in some way that makes you feel that you can never get or deserve what you desire
  •    In 5 of air the “Metamorphosis” tarot represents the time between one time period in your life and another, it’s a time in your life will be confusing and information is not clear enough for you to even know what you ought to desire
It is time to recognise and understand your stumbling blocks, which may be very difficult because you may feel powerless to act within the situation you find yourself in at present.  Remember, this too will pass, in the future---it will only feels like it’s lasting forever.

Be careful of folks you may meet now who seems to be someone who will help you, do not confide in this individual, take their advice or allow them to get involved as they are not going to help you at the end of the day.  So if you do it anyway when you meet this individual be aware that in addition to feeling unhappy about your situation you will likely become even more distressed when this person breaks a confidence or turns into a trouble-maker for you.

When you choose this tarot it is time to look at your habits and discern which ones are necessary and which are not and which are actually harmful for you.  It would be a great time to address bad habits and rectify your life by ridding yourself of their control over your behaviour.

Put down your weapons, for nothing can be accomplished at this time through struggle or argument. You will feel like confronting all manner of things but you will have to make yourself temper this confrontation with patience or you can end up getting very angry, argumentative and violent.  It is time to become a part of the flow of movement, do not try to swim against the tide.

Examine carefully those with whom you associate, there is a change of social climate afoot.  Decide if your social circle is helping or hindering you and act accordingly to shape your circle with more supportive and positive friendships.

Certainly link and make suggestions to anyone you think would like to see these. Just please do not claim the authorship as your own.

Best Wishes, Gabrielle Elliot ©2011

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Tarot 18 - 4 of Fire: "REBIRTH"

Life, death and rebirth are inevitable--- Rig Veda
A surprising encounter brings a renewal of your spirit.
Upon a lake of fire floats the soul bubble  of a many-armed and legged man.  In 4 of his hands he holds 4 candles.  Framing this tarot are assorted lighters, the potential to start a fire at the ready.
INTERPRETATION:  All 4s in each suit reminds us of four legs on a table, or a chair or a stool, four legs balance and make secure.  Four is the number of stability and enhancement.  Normally when fours come into a reading it is a time when an issue or problem in any of the elements you’ve been experiencing is finally coming to a conclusion.
  • In earth four we realise it as a representation of  balanced provisions---having enough to eat, enough to drink, a home and good health, it normally also relates to having enough money to live well upon after a long time of dwindling resources.
  • In fire four we realise it as balanced inspiration and passion---having enough fire in your belly to fight for your needs and rights, it normally also relates to a resurgence or rebirth of your freedom or creativity after a period of feeling confined or having had a period of “writer’s block” regardless of what creative/artistic talent/leaning you have.
  • In water four we realise it as a representation of balanced emotions, in particular loyalty---having someone in your life that you trust implicitly, so much so that you can diverge your secrets to this person or persons after a long time of keeping your feelings to yourself or feeling particularly lonely.
  • In air four we realise it as a representation of balanced intellect---having enough to occupy your mind in a fulfilling and creative way. Thoughts, philosophy, learning, Oscillating from subject to subject flexibly and comprehensibly, communicating well your luscious ideas, after having survived a period of worry, mental instability or depression.
The rebirth experienced in this tarot comes rather un-expectantly and dramatically.  Any injustice or incarceration you have had to endure is finally releasing you now.

Like a breath of the freshest air imaginable you will find a revitalisation of your spirit.  You will feel happy and content and be delighted in the most simple of life’s pleasures and this will make you very popular.  In turn, as you draw people to you, you will feel complete with your relationships.  It should also be a time when you feel very sensual.

Normally what occurs to bring you into this joyful period will come in surprising circumstances that you never would have been able to predict. Even though this tarot dwells in the minor arcana, it is one that encompases the spirit.  It will feel a little bit like falling in love with life.  Kinda like this:
Realise that you are stronger than ever before, renewed.  The old cycle ends, a new one begins and you are prepared for it.

Certainly link and make suggestions to anyone you think would like to see these. Just please do not claim the authorship as your own.
Best Wishes, Gabrielle Elliot ©2011