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Wednesday, 13 October 2010


For the last 4 weeks I have been in the USA and spent some of the time surprising long [but not so lost] friends. The main attraction creative & surprise-wise was attending the wedding of my dear friend, Stacy Scherf to her new "hubster" Bob Dieterlen on 25th September 2010, and having lots of fun rolling up my sleeves and doing the flower arrangements for her boho-chic, amazingly hand-made wedding shindig, here are some of the flowers from the day.

This first one is the bride's bouquet, that she fashioned with her dainty own hands...a jewel-licious and most wondrous creation---I had to share it as I was so fascinated & engaged by how she made it!

For the high table, blue glass jars were utilised as vases for the bride & groom's table.

For the special guests, Stacy created wedding badges all beribboned and especially cute, they were arranged on this table alongside my wee floating posey

Here you can see the whole effect of the hand-made wedding guest tables under canvas and decorated with lovely pennants

A final small arrangement of flowers on the table with a photo of the couples' ancestors' wedding pictures

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