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Monday, 21 March 2011

Tarot 7 of Earth "CIRCUMSTANCES"

Sometimes things just happen; they are neither punishment nor reward. 
Around and around the clock we go but time is rather funny there

The sliding clock is adorned with seven earths and seven figures stand in a circle upon it, they have clocks for faces, representing how whenever we try to control time we will become frustrated, angry and stressed out.  The figures have clock faces illustrating how many people are so ruled by their schedules that they become a bit of a cog in the machine and lose their personality in pursuit of this impossible task.

INTERPRETATION:  Time to accept whatever circumstances you find yourself in at the moment.  No matter how long you have been ignoring your issue it will urgently need attention very soon.  The time is nearly come for it.

In all the sevens in each of the suits you will find the theme of needing to recognise and acknowledge a basic truth that you have either ignored or simply not comprehended.  This then represents the something that is limiting you from proceeding on your course.

You may think that something you want or something you want to do has been thwarted recently and it is down to this inability to have recognised about the truth of the situation. It can be something you really believe you haven’t got that you need, but in actuality there is an alternative something you have not yet considered that can alternatively get to where you want to be. Kind of like this...

·                     In 7 of earth “Circumstances” you will have to come to understand that you have been trying to work against time, either your ideas are ahead of their time or you will have to accept that you have missed the boat and will now have to try and launch your project in the future when the time comes around again

·                     In 7 of fire “Persistence” you may be worried that you do not have the passion needed to carry through your ideas or dreams, you will have to understand that you have enough passion, so it is more about believing in yourself and that you really can accomplish what you want

·                     In 7 of water “Self-preservation” you may fear that loving means you will inevitably be hurt again so you have been holding yourself back from relationships.  When you realise that sharing yourself emotionally with others will always be a risk, then you will be ready to go out and try again to love

·                     In 7 of air “Reality Check” is about recognising that you honestly do know what’s best, in many instances this tarot represents “physician heal yourself”

Day and night on earth is dictated to be the rotation of the earth around the sun.  Ocean waves are controlled by the lunar cycles.  Time is necessary in order to understand and appreciate the concepts of nature's laws.

Give yourself time.  Is there really anything that cannot be done tomorrow? 

You may be creating a great deal of stress in your life, ease off. 

You may have tried something recently and failed.  Having the seven of earth in your reading indicates the time will be right in the short-term future. So try again.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot, ©2011

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