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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tarot 22 - 8 of Fire: "ANTICIPATION"

This is the moment before action and you must now step back and wait.  

Embrace the encounter of looking forward, for change is just around the corner.

I have been temperate always, 
But I am like to be very drunk 
With your coming. 
There have been times 
I feared to walk down the street 
Lest I should reel with the wine of you, 
And jerk against my neighbours 
As they go by. 
I am parched now, and my tongue is horrible in my mouth, 
But my brain is noisy 
With the clash and gurgle of filling wine-cups. 

--- Anticipation by Amy Lowell

Pictured in this tarot is a bomb held gently by strong hands.  Two arms holding a match apiece reach forward to light the fuse while a young boy looks on frighteningly excited.  In the background a mushroom cloud of fire explodes.

INTERPRETATION:  Do nothing, try not even to think about your plans or hopes or desires for the moment. It is time to take care and wait for something good is coming to you very soon.

All of the eights in all of the four suits represent a second layer of mastery in your earthly life.  Eights are enduring so you should consider that the mastery you are “earning” just now will last for some time, and will be of greater value to you in future.

  • In 8 of earth “Achievements” you are invited to use your particular or professional skills and talents. This tarot brings some material benefits, good health, perhaps a pay rise or bonus for something you have "designed" in any medium. Your projects of any type that was begun two years ago is about to come to a mighty climax, or alternatively this tarot is also good to meditate on when starting a new project, one that is long term [lasting for around two years] 
  •  In 8 of Fire “Anticipation” you are invited to use your particular passions. This tarot brings you some ego enhancement, self-confidence, perhaps a new relationship or new passion for doing something. The new passions you find now are intense, old passions are also raising up a notch or returning to you. Until these new passions are apparent you may feel a great deal of anticipation. 
  • In 8 of Water "Horror" you will be called upon to use your particular healing abilities. This tarot brings you focus, emotional control, and "KEEPING YOUR HEAD ABOUT YOU WHEN ALL THOSE AROUND YOU ARE LOSING THEIRS". You may have to be a tower of strength in some difficult situation and may will come to depend upon you emotionally for a while.
  • In 8 of Air "Patience" you will be called upon to use your particular knowledge and understanding. This tarot brings you eloquent powers of communication, and the knowledge to know when to speak and when to listen and a strong rational reasoning. Others are likely to admire your input and trust your judgement.

When you have the eight of fire in your hand, you will have to remain calm, as what is going on around you is causing you some stress, it is a good stress insofar that you will feel that what you are waiting for will try your patience.  Inside you will feel as fluttery as a butterfly accidentally caught in a closet.

The more you think about the thing you are waiting for or the more you try to control it the longer it will take for it to manifest.  Try not to have expectations.  This particular change would likely be best exemplified by illustrating this fact, the less you expect, the more you will welcome what does occur.

It is time to release all thoughts, allowing them to become manifest.  Worrying the issue  or even fantasising about it will only bring delays.
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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot

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