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Sunday, 11 September 2011


“You never know what's hit you. A gunshot is the perfect way.”
--- John F. Kennedy

“I was a killer, was the best they'd ever seen
I'd steal your heart before you ever heard a thing
I'm an assassin and I had a job to do
Little did I know that girl was an assassin too”--- John Mayer


The Assassin, in disguise as a fire fighter, runs out of a raging inferno, his gun still smoking. Behind him is superimposed a shooter’s target and behind this the Roman Coliseum ablaze is layered with a full moon above.

Interpretation:  All of the men in all of the suits should be considered as having active attributes of the positive and negative of each of the suits. 

The man of earth, “the CONSUMER” always has to have the next big thing.  He is very generous but do not forget to tell him “thank you” as you will not be gifted from him again if you do not acknowledge his generosity. He has no idea how to satisfy his overwhelming hungers.

The man of fire, “the ASSASSIN" is always on his guard.  He is quite often hard to pin down and to trust that he will keep his promises.  Because he is unpredictable he can be terribly exciting to be around.  If you friend him, he’s “always got your back.”

The man of water, “the SOCIOLOGIST never really makes a commitment to what he thinks, feels or believes.  He constantly seeks to be the witness but never the actor in any real-life situation.  He does have ideas but he keeps them all to himself.  He will ask all the questions and rarely, if ever, answers any himself.

The man of air, “the EXPLORER” rarely stays in one place, unless he is conducting some sort of experiment.  He is often seeking and gaining more information.  He will be an excellent judge and strategically approach any problem or issue. 

The Assassin is someone to have on your side as he can be quite a protector.  He knows the exact moment to strike.  He seems to be fearless and have the ability to focus all of his intention on a single action.

He is the personification of finely conserved energy.  He constantly uses the element of surprise.

When you first meet him, he may appear to be travelling incognito.  You will  know him initially by the element of surprise in your first encounter.  If he is out there looking for you, be assured that he will find you, just, whatever you do, do NOT sneak up on him!

The Assassin appears to be ultimately dangerous, he holds the key of sheer will, focused and controlled.  He can be your greatest adversary or most loyal guardian.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot

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