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Monday, 10 September 2012

This summer's new arrivals

Some things have been a bit discombobulated here lately, so I've not managed to continue much on either of the big off-line projects I've promised myself I'd work on this year, so haven't had too much to write about.PLUS I am far too involved in Pinterest for my own good, but damn, I am curating one mighty fine image collection, If I do say so myself.You can check it out here: http://pinterest.com/gabyell13/

In other news, we adopted a rescued feral kitten, saved from the parking lot where I work. The poor thing was nearly dead, but one of the security guards and her sister nursed him back to health.  They couldn't keep him so we decided to offer him a home, and called him Stitch.  This is him when he first arrived:

(This was taken the day after he arrived and stole a piece of pork off of Jeremy's plate when he wasn't looking, licking his tiny chops after that. Notice the blue eyes still, shows how young he was when he somehow got lost away from his litter.  He is a very brave fellow & never shows any fear as most cats I have known would...he is certainly a curious kitty.)

This is him as of yesterday...he's grown a lot in the 3 months he's been here & he's got huge feet...not sure if this means he will be a huge cat one day or not.

We had a 2nd addition to our little family on July 1st, a duck showed up out of the blue and adopted us.  She is a Muscovy duck who doesn't quack but  makes this lovely soft trilly kind of purr noise instead and she follows us around when we are outside with her.  This photo is of her the first day she visited (forgive the ironic improvised pool, but it'a all we had):

Stitch and the duck have made an interesting partnership...

And are sad on rainy days when Stitch is indoors and the duck is outside...

I've sort of given her a name, but it seems a bit wrong to name her as she is a totally free duck who is just hanging out with us.  She is so funny and cheers me up no end when I see her, she does this little head boobing dance, which is kind of like Vogue-ing & then shakes her tail feathers.  I kind of think of her as some kind of positive omen, never been adopted by a duck before...

Oh, did I mention that Muscovy ducks like to be up high?  She has very big feet with claws on her "toes" (you can kind of see them in this photo) which makes it kind of fun to either be having a shower (on the first floor) as she gets up on the roof and knocks on the window when you are in the bathroom & also she walks around the skylight above the kitchen table, so you can be sitting at the table having breakfast when she taps on the skylight window and all you can see is her long neck & head doing her little vogue head danceI guess it's pretty obvious I love this silly duck.

Finally a photo of my stepdaughter's cat, Bellatrix, who's got this this moth fixation...
And that is it for today.

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