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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

8 Days...

I'm back...

Just in time for Halloween. This year I've got inspired to do a little crafting after finding something on eBay USA that I wouldn't buy because the postage & packing are so very expensive, it's a kind of faux vintage wooden blocks, like so:

I kept going back and looking at them & counting my funds & finding them sparce...so I decided to make my own version, like sew:

I am very pleased with how these turned out---I used cupcake boxes and filled them with dry beans to weight them down, picked up some letters & put them on the boxes then glued the boxes shut.  I painted the figures on Adobe & printed them off.  

Instead of wood I used 3 A4 printed images A4 sheets of orange sheet foam & white glue (cut with water). I painted the glue onto the foam & carefully placed the images onto the foam sheets. When they were dry I gave them a layer of the glue mix on the top (trickiest bit as you have to use a fairly dry brush so you don't smear the ink too badly, check out the "O", a bit of a problem with that image). 

When that dried, I cut the figures out of the foam & painted them a final time, making sure to get the edges so the paper won't eventually pull away from the foam.  

Final step was to glue the figures to the top of the cupcake boxes, scoring the bottoms of the figures so they formed a good join. I had to use some short bits of leftover orange foam to make the figures stand up straight et viola!

Now just waiting for you, Halloween!

Gabrielle x

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