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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Just what you asked for---More fun with Mr. Beaver

So belated was Mr. Beaver's Xmas gift from me that he and his girls (Sophie and Fiona) just got them the day after Easter and have made a fabulous fashion show---

Sophie's coat fit her lovely---

(Her Nickname is "Porkrind")

But Fiona's turned a bit cape-like when she tried hers on---

...reminding me of a boxer in his robe before a bout 

(Her Nickname is "Chicklet")

"Oh, err...is that my sister?"

"Hmmm, smells like her"

I also made Mr Beaver a snood (infinity scarf) and he found a few different ways to wear it...as a snood:


As a hat---

or a boob tube---
the mind boggles

Our Easter cards for each other were somewhat naughty for the season...mine for him

and his for me

And finally, the continuing saga that is Boor-ray for Beaverwood, with an homage to "The Longest Yard"

Happy Springtime little chickens!

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