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Friday, 19 June 2015

Random Crafts---Knitting & Quilting

Soz, been away again for a while but I have been making some stuff

Two weeks ago someone I know at work who broke his leg and needed something to keep it warm while it healed, I asked him what he would like & he replied "make it as hideous as possible"....ta da!

When I went to the PO to send it to him, I had to sign the little tag that declares what was in the package so I wrote "leg warmer", the woman at the window read it, laughed and asked: "Only the one?" And I explained my friends plight & she sent him her best wishes---but as I was driving home I thought, "She didn't know that I didn't have a friend with only one leg, what if I had?  Rude."

Next up, I made my lovely step-daughter an ugly sweater for Xmas, it was a bit big for her so I need to take it in so she can wear it next year to an ugly Xmas sweater party:



I wanted t try a pattern fr some long stockings, and while the pattern looks pretty good, they also were too big, so I have some more taking in to do:

My Stateside best pal shaved her head for a children's charity & raised a lot of money but it was really cold then so I was worried she would get ill.  One of her favourite stories is 'The Point' and in it the main character is called Oblio and I made her a hat like his, this is him with his dog, Arrow:

And here she is in her Oblio hat with her very own Arrow!

Some years ago I made my stepdaughter a quilt using all her old t-shirts from childhood that no longer fit as quilt pieces, she still uses it:

Last year I was ill a lot & so for Valentine's day I made all the nurses who helped me these little hearts & filled them with herbs & oils to scent them

Finally for now, here's a little sweater I made my Godson

Thanks for visiting!!! xxx

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