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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Tarot 16 - 2 of Fire: "UNION"

A true friend is one soul in two bodies ---Aristotle

Spirits unite and then ignite, passions are high and creation begins
Within a ring of fire two men embrace in a passionate union, they are lovers and friends.  Their ardour is high and they delight in each other’s company.


INTERPRETATION:  This is the time to consider the nature of duality. 

All twos in all of the suits show a balance and a joining of the element.

·                     In earth “Discovery” two physical bodies join, balancing your resources and physical work
·                     In fire “Union” two passions join, balancing the sensual, intuitive and spiritual self
·                     In water “Synchronicity” two emotions join, balancing feelings and imaginings within you
·                     In air “Illusion” two mentalities join, balancing thinking, communicating & teaching with learning

Opposites are attracting, and from two independent spirits a wonderful bond is created.  FALLING in lust is a definite possibility at this time. While it will be exciting, it may not be long-lasting as it will likely be a strong passionate attraction and it won’t wait around to long before it is satisfied. 

Fire acts quickly, think of how quickly a match will burn itself out once it’s lit. So if a new relationship comes into your life now, realise it may also burn itself out.  It is a good idea to recognise this and alter your expectations accordingly.  This doesn’t mean it can’t be long-lasting, it’s just that the energy of fire will act before thinking, so you may not be compatible in other ways so if you are looking for a more permanent relationship at the moment, make sure you know the person before jumping into bed with them simply because you have “the hots” for the new beloved.

There will be a great deal of experimentation in your life and since partnering is on the cards, you will gain a great deal of experience in partnerships.  This is likely to include changing roles and experimenting living in alternative and more free and easy relationships in general.

Realise too that this tarot can herald the time when you will meet a future good friend.  This person will share a passion of some kind with you, you will feel totally at ease and it will be as if you’ve known each other forever, when you have only just met. These kind of friends make good business or creative partners as you will both just enjoy being with each other.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot, ©2011

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