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Monday, 30 May 2011

Tarot 17 - 3 of Fire: "PREPARATION"

By careful tending, an exciting project is nearing an easily reached accomplishment
Pictured here are three figures preparing to serve a meal.  One is blending up some BBQ sauce while another tends the fire and the third, a woman, holds the dinner triangle about to call people to the meal.  Preparing food for others is a practical ability, but making it nutritious and good-tasting is an art, that requires practice to make it perfect and a heart big enough to share whatever you have prepared with others.

All threes in all of the suits represent making something.  In the twos we see the duality of nature and in three we find what the twos have produced [reproduced]

·                     In 3 of earth the “Conquest” tarot represents the strategy and energy to conquer the material world, it relates to having a firm foundation in the material world
·                     In 3 of fire the “Preparation” tarot represents the ability to use the fire to make something that sustains you and others around you
·                     In 3 of water the “Bonding” tarot represents the sensitivity and wondrous new understanding you have when you bond with other individuals
·                     In 3 of air the “Experience” tarot represents the ability to find the right course of action due to being able to harness your past memories of your experiences

INTERPRETATION:  That which you have been creating is now coming into existence, all is well, and your hard work brings honours with its completion.  No matter if your project is a simple meal for your family or a creation in an entirely new area of your life; you are in the preparation stage. If, however, you have been having difficulties getting your project off the ground, then it’s time to throw in the towel and abandon it, and look for something different to put your talent and effort into.

It is a time to broaden your experiences, so this is a very good time to try investigating something new: a new career, a new learning experience, a new relationship, etc.  Whatever aspect of your life you concentrate on now it is bound to build your confidence.  You may find yourself leading a project or being made a key player in a group work.

This tarot can indicate having two significant relationships at the same time. These two will tolerate you need to share time with both of them.  You may also find that there are three of you in the one relationship or that there are three different couples in your relationship together. Significant does not necessarily mean sexual, and even though the three may be comfortable together to begin with, the element of fire can move into argument and jealousy with time if you are not careful.

Realise also that threes are the natural conclusion of twos for when two elements, spirits, bodies, lovers join they create a third new thing, quite a bit like the sentiment found in this poem:
“...I want to make with you
some bold new thing
to stand in the marketplace,
the statue of a goddess
laughing, armed and wearing
flowers and feathers...
...I want
to force from this fierce sturdy
rampant love some useful thing.”

[From the Poem “Will we work together” by Marge Piercy in her book, “The Moon is Always Female”] 

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