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Sunday, 20 November 2011


The Intuitive and Emotional Realm
29. Ace of Water---Abundance
30. Two of Water---Synchronicity
Love/Close Relationship
31. Three of Water---Bonding
32. Four of Water---Secrets
33. Five of Water---Repentance
34. Six of Water---Recollection
35. Seven of Water---Self-preservation
36. Eight of Water---Horror
37. Nine of Water---Resources
38. Ten of Water---Baptism
39. Child of Water---The Saviour
Page/Princess of Cups
Gently Happy  Announcement
40. Adolescent of Water---The Pirate
Prince/Knight of Cups
Artistic Dreamer
41. Man of Water---The Sociologist
King/Knight of Cups
42. Woman of Water---The Governess
Queen of Cups/Mystic

The water suit is the third level of human experiences; the intuitive and emotional realm.  This suit translates into the traditional Tarot suit of cups or chalices and corresponds in Astrology with the signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.
The human infant develops in the embryonic sac filled with water.  When the baby is born, leaving the secure, enveloping water to the bright and cold and frightening world; it cries.  Its emotions are expressed through the vocal scream and cry of fear and insecurity.
From the ancient waters came all life.  This most mysterious of elements, water, surrounds and protects.  The more subtle qualities of life are symbolised within this realm.  It encompasses our emotional, psychic and intuitive natures.
Here we find the world of the subconscious, the world of inspiration, aspiration and dreams, of imagination and envisioning.  It is more difficult to explain the effect this plane has on human beings than with the other suits.  Here, more than anywhere else in the Minor Arcana it is important to keep an eye out for those symbols that speak to you.  Our dream language is a symbolic message from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind when we are asleep.
Very rarely do things happen to us that we have not been given previous messages about from our intuitive selves.  A possible reason why many individuals seem to have forgotten or misplaced or disbelieved their intuitions existed can be attributed to technology and our present society.  We have created all kinds of technology to replace this sixth sense in our lives; those devices that are deemed most worthy are those described as most intuitive.
Should you begin to wake up your intuition, you will most likely find that your “hunches” and “inklings” are becoming more & more accurate.  You will have to be in a positive frame of mine to develop the listening skills to comprehend the intuition.  If you are emotionally stressed or depressed and decide to develop your intuition at this time, the likelihood is that you could get very confused, ponder many negative possibilities.
Intuition of course can warn you of difficult events.   To use your intuition to work for you is a much bigger challenge.  It is essential you are well-balanced at the time of commencing development.  That way you will be stronger when you begin and then you can manipulate your intuition to help you find a way to achieve a positive outcome.
For all the aid our technology gives, it can diminish our intuition, instincts and symbolic selves.  Perhaps this is the reason why psychology is becoming a more important science, as this is the one science that deals with the subconscious and symbol. 
Whenever there is a preponderance of Water cards are found in a layout, the querent is working within this realm of emotion.  Should one continue to have three or more layouts with an abundance of water cards, it may indicate that it is the time for him or her to study his or her personal symbols.  Creating a dream diary can be a useful tool.  
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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot


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