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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Suit of Earth

The Material and Physical Realm
You have probably also seen this one before as well, but as with the Suit of Fire, I am doing a re-work of some so as I work with these images I find out a few new things about them and add it here.  SO---even if you think you have seen a post, look again, you may find something new. If you have some information or impression from looking on any of the tarot images, please write a comment and what you write may become a part of the project...

1. Ace of Earth---Expectations
  New Beginnings
2. Two of Earth---Discovery
3. Three of Earth---Conquest

5. Five of Earth---Provisions
6. Six of Earth---Provisions
  Success/Financial Aid
7. Seven of Earth---Circumstances

Failure/New Perspective

8. Eight of Earth---Achievements 

9. Nine of Earth---Seasons 
Gain/Comfortable Home
10. Ten of Earth---Bounty 
11. Child of Earth---The Lover 
   Page/Financial Dealings      
                       12. Adolescent of Earth---The Runaway                            

Prince/Jack/Risk taker
Shrewd Businessperson
  13. Man of Earth---The Consumer 

Knight/Executive/Empire Building
  14. Woman of Earth---The Gardener
Fertility and fecundity            
The earth suit is the first level of conscious human experiences, the material world and the physical realm.

This suit compares with the traditional Tarot suit of coins, pentacles or disks and corresponds in Astrology* with the signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.  In a deck of playing cards the suit of spades [a spade to dig the earth] corresponds to earth or coins. 

No matter what your understanding or experience of tarot, it’s probable you have contemplated some of the big questions of life, like, “Why are we here?” “What is the point?”

What if we incarnate into bodies simply because we like the experience of the material world?  

Perhaps we are here because we need bodies in order to do certain things that we enjoy?  

We humans ARE here, IN bodies and so the mysteries of the material world are as valid and important as any esoteric wisdom for which you may be searching.  The process of expansion begins with the first breath of life, in the physical world, on earth.  

All the Minor Arcana cards work together, no one card is higher or lower than another; nor is any one suit greater or less than another.  It is the place where they are revealed in a layout and the cards near and opposing that is more important.

Take for example, the moment of birth, all elements are awakened.  With the first breath (air), the newborn emerges from the mother’s body and is now in a separate and new body (earth and water).  Then the infant cries because of the change in atmosphere or temperature or because a midwife has spanked the child (fire).  

It may be that much of the world population’s sorrows come from forgetting how essential the material world is to humanity. Someone who is unwell may be neglecting the body, without food and shelter it is difficult to live.  

If you have chosen many earth tarots today, then remember to keep your feet on the ground.  It is essential to balance WITH and live IN the material world.  

We have responsibilities for our physical bodies and to the larger body, the Earth.  Self-respect and self-worth comes from a healthy, humble pride in your physical world.  

We enjoy the things our bodies can do.  It growls when it's hungry, it shivers when it's cold, and performs a myriad of other essential functions.  It warns us when something smells repulsive, or that we've been hurt or burnt or that something dangerous is walking up behind us.  

It gives us certain pleasures from a kiss, comfort from a good night's sleep and satisfaction from a lovely meal.  The body really is a marvellous vehicle for manifestation.

When there is an imbalance on the material plane, it can affect aspects of all the other planes [air, water, fire & on occasion, the higher plane].  This is because the earth level is your foundation, it is difficult to build a house without a firm foundation.

All planes are linked together and a cause-effect process may be affected by an imbalance in any of the five realms.  Ill health, or a body that ceases to perform its natural functions illustrates this imbalance.  World wide imbalance is illustrated by drastic changes in climate, atmosphere, or what is called a “natural disaster”.

Whenever there is a preponderance of Earth suit cards in a layout, it is indicative of a time to pay close attention to the material and physical plane.  Practical attention should be paid to issues that are surrounding your finances now.   

It may herald a time when material creations are most important, if you are an artist of any kind this is an extremely prolific period for you. 

It may be a reminder to view your body as a temple.  It may be an indicator that attentions need to focus on your income, your home, your diet, your work and your practical needs.

Certainly link and make suggestions to anyone you think would like to see these. Just please do not reprint as your own work.

Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot, ©2011

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