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Saturday, 12 November 2011

THE SUIT OF FIRE---The Active and Dynamic Realm

You may well have seen this post before, but I have reworked the fire cards to a final stage and here are the results:

15. Inspiration---ACE OF FIRE                           
           16. Union---TWO OF FIRE
                17. Preparation---THREE OF FIRE   
           18. Rebirth---FOUR OF FIRE
       19. Associations---FIVE OF FIRE
20. Self Reliance---SIX OF FIRE
     21. Persistence---SEVEN OF FIRE                       
      22. Anticipation---EIGHT OF FIRE 
23. Secret Investigation---NINE OF FIRE
24. Isolation---TEN OF FIRE
25. The Researcher---CHILD OF FIRE
Princess/Page of Wands/Abductor/Herald of REACTIVE news 
 26. The Initiate---ADOLESCENT OF FIRE 
Prince/Knight of Wands/Change/travel/sexuality
27. The Snake Charmer---FEMALE ADULT OF FIRE
 Queen of Wands/Social/Independent
28. The Assassin---MALE ADULT OF FIRE
King/Knight of Wands
  Mature accomplishment
The fire suit is the next layer of human experience; the active and dynamic realm.  This suit translates into the traditional Tarot suit of rods, staffs, or wands and corresponds in Astrology with the signs of Aries*, Leo*, and Sagittarius*.

The first action a newborn baby makes is to breathe in his or her first breath, this is the first dynamic action.  From the moment of birth the human is active, and life is a series of dynamic transformations.  In the suit of earth, we realise the material manifestation; the body.  In the suit of fire we realise the body’s ability to DO. 

The spiritual side of nature is involved in the essence of the suit of fire, consider the beauty inherent in a sunrise or sunset.  These two moments during the day herald the changes from day to night and can be most spectacular to view.  Likewise, this suit can be as unpredictably catastrophic as a volcanic explosion or a forest fire.

Alchemy, Chemistry, and many of the other sciences rely on the element of fire to create new medicines and materials.  When fire is controlled or “managed” it can bring about beneficial changes.  It can warm us when we are cold and cook our food when we are hungry.  Realise also that even fire at its most dangerous can have a positive aspect.  Farmers of old burned over their fields after harvest that aided growth in the next season.

We may forget how often we use candles and incense during contemporary rituals. 

Most everyone blows out the candles on their birthday cake, and often in wedding ceremonies the new couple will light a “candle of unity”.  The light of these kind of fires gives us a symbolic subliminal* message that we are causing a significant change.  We will ourselves a birthday wish that supposedly will come true if we can blow out all the candles on the cake in one go. 

Whenever a preponderance of Fire suit cards are found in a layout, it is time to pay close attention to how you are creating and moving within your life.  The spiritual side of life is also important now, especially in the lessons learned when mastering the will.  It may indicate too that it is time to focus on changes in your life and prepare for the time of transitions.

When you visit a time of fire it is time to get passionate, but you will have to learn to control your temper and to watch out for anger and angry reactions of others.  When there is a preponderance of fire cards, there can be great passion, obsessions, physical action and in some cases, physical violence.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot

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