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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Xmas ideas 2011---number 10 Attend your local and Community Holiday Performances

Tonight I went to our Community's Christmas Concert and it was really good.  It only cost £3.00 and was an hour and a half of getting into the Yuletide mood.

We're all quite saturated with professional entertainment that normally has a way-too-perfect ending, in films and television programmes.  Seeing a group of adults and children just having a good time singing holiday songs was a total breath of fresh entertainment air.  When they asked us all to sing along with a few songs everyone did, and if that doesn't get you into the spirit of things I don't know what will...so today's "spend more time than money" is all about supporting local performing artists, it's a win-win situation.

Here's a smorgasbord of some of the sorts of entertainment you will find on your doorstep this season...first up, a traditional choir concert:

I never had any children so was never obligated to go to all their school plays and programmes, so for me, seeing kids at their holiday play is totally enthralling---they are so energetic and cute, like in this clip:

Or look out for unusual musical shows:
How could you not enjoy a ukulele concert?

Maybe music isn't your cup of tea, try a local groups avant garde version of a nativity play: caution this one includes KRAMPUS!

Still not interested?  How about a local Panto [American friends, look out for A Christmas Carol or The Christmas Story or Peter Pan, etc. at a theatre nearby you] ? 

This one is in York and is sold out for weeks at a time:

In the USA you can attend a Christmas parade:

Or just go for a walk or drive past houses that are decorated for the holidays:

Happy entertainment enjoyment this holiday my dears, share at will, Gabrielle, 2011 xxx

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