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Friday, 9 December 2011

Xmas ideas 2011---number 8 Celebrate your family!

The newest topic for "Spend more time than money" holidays comes from a lovely experience that has been brought to the world's attention in the last two weeks via the 
Featuring a moving speech by Zach Wahls.  You can watch it HERE:
Today I received the following message from Zach Wahls on email:

Dear MoveOn members,

Wow, you are incredible!!

Over 15 million people have seen my testimony about my two moms before the Iowa legislature, after MoveOn sent it out last Thursday. I can't tell you how much that means to me, my moms, and my little sister, and families like ours all across the country.

I think that one of the reasons my video resonated with people is that it embodies a simple truth: love is what makes a family. It's what binds us together as we work through the hard times, so we can enjoy the good ones.
I'm going to keep telling that truth. But I'm only one guy. Every single person has an incredible amount of power to shape and change our world for the better, but imagine what we can do together. That's why I am asking for your help in telling this simple truth.

The folks at MoveOn and I had an idea: get as many people as possible to take their family holiday photos holding signs that say 'Love Makes a Family,' and 'Equality for ALL Families in 2012'. 

This time of year is all about family, so let's use our holiday photos to send a message of love for ALL families.
 MoveOn has created a special Tumblr site where you can post your holiday pictures. It's really easy, and they are going to make a video out of all of these Love Makes a Family photos.

You can see everyone's photos by clicking here.

While we won the battle in Iowa, my moms' rights as a married couple stop at our state's border. And I know that hundreds of thousands of other families like mine aren't lucky enough to live in a state where their parents can be married. Instead, they have to spend thousands of dollars to adopt their own kids and get power of attorney to take care of everyday life if or when something bad happens.

A lot of people out there just don't know and haven't met families like mine. And that's why I've been traveling around speaking about my two moms, and why I'm writing a book about my family.

Now I'm asking you and other folks to show the people you love that you believe in equality for all.

Will you take a family holiday photo while holding an 'Equality for ALL Families in 2012' or 'Love Makes a Family sign? Just click here for more instructions and a form to upload your family's picture:

And check out all of the photos others have submitted.

Thanks for all the love and support.



P.S. I've been so honored that so many people shared the video of my testimony, and I'm working overtime to finish my book about all of this, appropriately titled "My Two Moms"—please check it out!

So if someone in your family has a digital camera, this is something you can do with your whole family, no matter what the size, or if your family is made of non-blood family members or includes members of the four-legged variety or all the same gender.  No matter how you define your family please join in!  Let’s help Zach and MoveOn define what family means to all of us.  Get out that tinsel and the old Santa hat and have a photo shoot with your most beloved ones.
Please share at will, Gabrielle, 2011 x

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