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Monday, 12 December 2011

Xmas ideas 2011---number 9 Making stuff for Xmas {DIY - do it yourself}

This weekend I have been away from the blog finishing yuletide gifts for family and friends.  Here's what I've accomplished since Friday:
Cakes for friends all iced and packaged waiting to send out
Soft knitted toys for the little nephews

 I am very fortunate to be confident with my creative abilities.  I learned to knit, sew, cook, draw and so on.  I know this is not the case for everyone.  I also know that not everyone appreciates the handmade gift as much as I do.  Even my husband moaned on a BBC radio talk show about how he hated handmade presents.  [sigh]

Still in the last few years there have been so many more places on the internet giving demonstrations on making crafts.  So here's a few ideas for some simple things you can still make in time for the holidays, if you have children, ask them to help, most kids find crafting fun. 

Look out for things that you might have around the house or might recycle, like these

{Before I forget, please realise that crafty demonstrations are often fronted by overly cheerful folks, don't say I didn't warn you}

I made these when I was a kid:

I made one of these last year...and it was a great centrepiece, I also made tiny ones [using only the top 6 smallest sizes] and had them on the dinner table, one for each guest:

Gotta check out anything by Martha Stewart, the American crafter diva:

At some point I looked away from the telly long enough for property programme presenter Kirsty Allsop to turn into the first lady of crafts in England, this is an interview about her new show:
Directions for making the items featured on her show are found here: http://www.channel4.com/4homes/christmas-crafts

If you love the idea of the personalised one of a kind, handmade gift but can't do it yourself, look out for Christmas markets and special events that focus on holiday craft items.  There are also websites featuring handmade items.  

Here's a few quite affordable items on sale at Etsy [I simply like these and do not profit in anyway from the highlight, just giving you an idea of what you are likely to find] It's also a great site for getting ideas from just by having a "window shop":
 Hopefully this will give a wee bit of inspiration and can add to the value of a "spend more time than money" holiday.  

Ho, Ho, Ho and share at will, Gabrielle x

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