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Monday, 14 February 2011

Tarot 3 of Earth "CONQUEST"

Tools are provided in this world; make use of them

This image represents what a person will do in order to get what they want, get back what they have lost or will fight to keep.  

INTERPRETATION:  Time to focus on work because it’s building time.  Regardless of what you work on, plan, scheme or organise this is a good time to easily focus on the work required to complete it. 

All threes in all of the suits represent making something.  In the twos we see the duality of nature and in three we find what the twos have produced [reproduced]

·                     In 3 of earth the “Conquest” tarot represents the strategy and energy to conquer the material world, it relates to having a firm foundation in the material world

·                     In 3 of fire the “Preparation” tarot represents the ability to use the fire to make something that sustains you and others around you

·                     In 3 of water the “Bonding” tarot represents the sensitivity and wondrous new understanding you have when you bond with other individuals

·                     In 3 of air the “Experience” tarot represents the ability to find the right course of action due to being able to harness your past memories of your experiences

 If you have selected the 3 of Earth it is certain you will be concerned with domestic issues or other dealings of a practical nature. It is time to learn, utilize and master the use of tools. Everyone uses tools, be it a laptop or phone, a hammer or a tape measure; now is the time to find the correct tools for you.

Your worldly reputation is staked upon the completion of a task at hand.  Investigate what help you can find to aid you, even people can be tools.

You may feel a sense of having to compete with someone in a challenge. Consider carefully how much the fight is worth fighting.  Also you may be asked or naturally become an advocate or leader for a group in the near future.

You may have a very strong need to own something of value and work steadily to earn enough to acquire it.  Consider how much you need to own the thing you want and why you want it.  It will only be truly valuable, if there are no major hidden costs.

Has your money been disappearing recently?  Now is a good time to really focus on your incomings and outgoings and see what is slowly bleeding you dry.  Once you have found out what that is, you can plug the hole and start building your nest egg.

It could also mean an addition or work on your home [domestic scene].  Realise that this card typically relates to the microcosm, or your own home and family, your close world. 
Here's the process for this image, in case you are interested:

FROM THIS---the original collage, circa 1994

After scanning I spent some time with the image, deciding how to focus it
I Took all but the central focus away, 
Saved it and then went and found an image from my friend's FB page 

 And cropped and removed all the extras...then gave her decorations
and then made her image equal to the original images

Then pushed the images contrast and then found some suitably wild hair
...Becoming this image below...
This image was rotated and the heard joined to this recognisably iconic image
The background was eliminated and the image superimposed over the original image of the knives, then added 3 globe images [which the knife edges hold aloft] 
Certainly link and make suggestions to anyone you think would like to see these. Just please do not reprint as your own work.
Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot, ©2011

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