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Monday, 7 February 2011

Tarot 2 of Earth "DISCOVERY"

The world is your oyster; you lovely grain of sand, now go and create your pearl self!

Touch, feel, grasp, squeeze, fondle, tease, irritate, hold and caress your material world!  

INTERPRETATION:  Use all of your earthly senses to explore your world.  Just like an infant experiencing the world for the first time, touch, taste, smell, feel and listen to everything you can around you.

The two of earth represents a balance in your material world and worth.   If you have been unemployed then look for work now, an opportunity to re-address the balance is on the offing.   As your physical world balances, your confidence level will balance as well.

All twos in all of the suits show a balance and a joining of the element.

·                                                 In earth “Discovery” two physical bodies join, balancing your resources and physical work

·                                                 In fire “Union” two passions join, balancing the sensual, intuitive and spiritual self

·                                                 In water “Synchronicity” two emotions join, balancing feelings and imaginings within you

·                                                 In air “Illusion” two mentalities join, balancing thinking, communicating and teaching with learning

Thus this indicates a time to share, sharing with just one other person.  Share physical love, share strength, share of you material wealth, share practical advice and give generously.

This image represents two physical bodies that join, and may indicate a healthy sexual relationship or the falling in love period in a relationship. Touches send sparks, and can, introduce a period of sexual fulfilment and conception.  It may not always indicate a new relationship, sometimes it can be a re-kindling of sparks from another time

Also realise that this image is not just about sexual function, but is all about investigating sensually...it's the satisfaction brought about by longing, touching and teasing, in many ways innocently...

Also this image can indicate a new business or creative working partnership.  Someone else may offer you assistance in the material world just now, it is a good time to take what is offered.  This will help you balance on the material plane.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot©2011

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  1. This one makes me smile, lovely expressions, very uplifting feel to this card. xx