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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tarot 1 of Earth "BIRTH"

These women hold the secret fecundity of motherhood within their bellies

Pictured in this tarot are a number of images and negatives of heavily pregnant women, and in one instance the tummy is the world and to any new little person, inside that tummy is the whole world

INTERPRETATION:  The entire material world is opening before you --- another new beginning!  Embrace the potentials of fertility, material gains, or employment that come your way now.  If you have plans to change you material world, this is the time of gathering together all the things you need for the change.

All aces in all of the suits indicate an opportunity presenting itself to you and it is up to you to do something with it.  If you don’t want that kind of opportunity, do nothing and nothing will happen, but if you need a change then act upon the opportunity and you should be pleased with the outcome:

  • In Ace of earth “Birth” an opportunity to bring about a new life is presenting itself to you, normally coming in the forms of a new outlet for earning income, a new job, a new home, a new baby, etc.
  • In Ace of fire “Inspiration” an opportunity to bring about a new idea or an inspiration that can cause you to have a break through, an eureka moment changing your upcoming actions.  If you are an artist or work in a creative field Ace of fire will bring a different and valuable mindset to empower your passion and commit it to a medium that can be shared with others who share your own passions.
  • In Ace of water “Abundance” an emotional opportunity comes along, generally in the form of a new love or friendship.  It can also involve some longed for revolution in an artistic or craft endeavour, in particular in film and television --- it’s the image’s reflection that will draw you, regardless of the medium used
  • In Ace of air “Revelation” an opportunity arises through communications, thinking, learning, research and development.  For one who studies or teaches, this tarot would indicate the opportunity to learn a related subject or earn a grant for research you are working on. Obviously this then will come to you in the form of research, learning and      teaching, communications, but also through marketing or PR, social net working or digital works

The Ace of earth can indicate the idea of moving home, or putting your home on the market.  Possibly this could show also show ideas for new creative endeavours, jobs or projects that have potential for new income. 

Of course, too, with the obvious images on this card, it also indicates a time of fertility---so go out and “sew some seeds of your own” now...and if you want no actual children at this time, be extra careful with birth control.

This is the card of pregnancy, the time before birth; the being has not yet been born. Be like the new mother making baby clothes and building her nest, it is a time of happily planning. 

The female half of your nature is calling out for you to cherish her. Give her pretty things to wear, sweet things to eat and gentle words to speak.  Bather her in fragrance, hug her to you fiercely and accept that she is a part of you.

 Investigate your relationship with mother-figures in your life.  Mothers nurture and love you unconditionally and in practical ways.  If you are feeling overwhelmed just now, seek out a nurturing woman whom you trust and ask for her company and advice, and she will offer you sustenance.

Time to sing lullabies to yourself, perhaps like this one:

or this one:

Or maybe you’ll prefer the dream you fall into while you listen to this lullaby...

Or how about this lullaby sang at your bedside?

Perhaps you would prefer this frighteningly soothing lullaby?  [If you want comfort, then don’t click on this, it’s meant as a joke]

There is nothing wrong in acknowledging when you need a little tender-loving care in the unique way only a mother can give.  Do not be afraid to seek it when you acknowledge you need it.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot

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