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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tarot 5 of Earth "DEPLETION"

Your resources are being taxed almost to the point of exhaustion!
Waste not, selfishly hoarding your provisions will lessen their value
This tarot depicts a burnt forest, a dry and rusting oil well and cupped hands holding onto one last  bit of crude oil

INTERPRETATION:  In plundering the earth's resources of oil, coal, trees and minerals we waste the earth. What is it that is being taken from you?  Or is it that you are taking something away from someone else?

All of the fives in each of the suits represent a place of lack in your life at present and these are somewhat more difficult to work through.  These images throw up the reasons why something you want that you cannot have just now.  They depict circumstances beyond your control and this is what makes them so difficult as they often feel unfair because you do not have the power to change it now.  Depending on which five you find, it will at least help you understand why things are not happening the way you would like them to, in these basic ways:

·     In 5 of earth the “Depletion” tarot represents that the material world is in opposition to your desires.

·     In 5 of fire the “Associations & Assignations” tarot represents that passions and arguments are rife, making it impossible to act in the way you desire

·     In 5 of water the “Repentance” tarot represents that you will be experiencing emotional warfare, blackmail or undo guilt making from something someone knows about you and is manipulating you emotionally in some way that makes you feel that you can never get or deserve what you desire

·     In 5 of air the “Metamorphosis” tarot represents the time between one time period in your life and another, it’s a time in your life will be confusing and information is not clear enough for you to even know what you ought to desire

Use this information to understand your stumbling blocks and remember, this too will pass, it only feels like it’s lasting forever.

In traditional tarot images you often see two people standing outside a dark church and it was known as “Lovers without a meeting place”. They love each other but have either no time, live far apart or are in some other physical way [such as already being in a relationship] or having someone who relies on you who takes all your time.  It can also indicate that lovers each have too many responsibilities to pursue a relationship with each other at the moment.

All roads out of your particular situation may seem to be blocked just now but this will pass, no matter how uncomfortable your position is at present.  You will have only about a half a year more.

Our society has become wasteful and we have too, within it.  Are you drinking or eating or spending too much?  Does your physical body or do your finances feel out of control?  Do you need to gain or lose weight, end a bad habit or get physically strong?  If you do, you MUST get the help you need now as this tarot could foreshadow a time of ill health.

It is time for you to take stock of what you have and what you need.  This is a time to recycle and reuse...the more you waste or miser away, the less you will have. 

You are likely to be missing a partnership of some kind. It may be that they literally live too far away and you are depleting your energy trying to find ways to meet that never quite come off.  It could be that one of you are not free to have another relationship.  It could be that you are simply not on the same wave length anymore.  In any case, you are probably feeling lonely or fed up in some significant relationship.

Unfortunately the troubles you’re encountering now are largely of your own making and it will be your responsibility to return your life from what it is now to what you would like it to be.

Take care not to promise more than you can deliver. If you do, you are bound to lose respect from the people you most want to impress. This can escalate to a level of stress to get things right that you are tempted to steal something or take credit for another’s work. This can also indicate a “fall from grace”, normally due to something you have done that is a “cheat” in some way.

Your ego may be behind a bossy behaviour to others which depletes your energy and therefore you cannot do many things to help yourself.  There is a possibility that you could be behaving as a victim that cannot cope on your own & needs others to do every little thing for you.
  Watch Andy and Lou, illustrating this idea:

Begin the changes you need to make by getting a good night’s sleep, plenty to drink and eat, and restore yourself from the inside out.  Focus on what small things you CAN do and refrain from worrying about what you cannot now do, this time will end eventually. 

Certainly link and make suggestions to anyone you think would like to see these. Just please do not reprint as your own work.
 Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot, ©2011

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