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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tarot 10 of Earth "BOUNTY"

Embrace the Earth and care for her as did your ancestors.  They left her as your birthright

What birthright will you bequeath to those who come after you?         
INTERPRETATION:  Attention to family traditions and inheritance are of utmost importance at this time. 

The tens in all the suits bring the challenge of their individual elements.  In some cases it can give just a little too much of the energies they represent:
·                                 In 10 of earth “Bounty you will be incredibly focused on your material world, quite possibly to the point of obsession.  You could become a collector now, believing the items you collect will be of greater value in the future.  You may find the collecting and having needs outweigh other needs just now.  Be careful not to alienate those closest to you by being single-minded in your acquisitioning.
·                     In 10 of fire “Isolation” you will need to be alone and become something of a hermit for a brief period.  You have had far too many responsibilities and commitments for too long.  You now need to take yourself off for a while to reboot yourself.  If you do not take time for yourself you may find your health will suffer, causing you to take time off anyway.
·                     In 10 of Water "Baptism" you will have wonderful skills of visualisation.  You will be able to create pictures with your mind.  What may be much more difficult to make something of those inspirational images.  You will have to separate fantasy from reality as you may be overly confident on what you can actually achieve alone.
·                     In 10 of Air "Transcendence" there may be an important decision you have to make but it is difficult when you have too much interference.  You will have to make your decision based on yourself alone, and not allow others have an opinion.  A good way to work with this energy is through meditation, when you can make your mind blank and at peace. Only then will it be possible for you to know how you want to proceed.

A stable home is being established, preserving and/or improving your home is indicated. This home improvement will be from the perspective of improving its value due to your own creative thinking. 

Material gifts are likely to come to you through a female.  Finding this card represents a time when the material world is benefiting you.

Think about what it is that you really need.  Then take what you need, and pass on what you do not require.  This tarot requires fluidity of the material resources you use, so be advised that hording or collecting will be of little security to you. 
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Best Wishes, Gabrielle Elliot, ©2011

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