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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tarot 13 Man of Earth "the CONSUMER"

“It’s good to be the King”

The Consumer fears he will never fill the seeming emptiness of his life, although he does not understand this consciously.  To him the world is a bottomless pit of things for him to purchase and consume.

All of the men in all of the suits should be considered as having active attributes of the positive and negative of each of the suits. 

The man of earth, “the CONSUMER” always has to have the next big thing.  He is very generous but do not forget to tell him “thank you” as you will not be gifted from him again if you do not acknowledge his generosity. He has no idea how to satisfy his overwhelming hungers.

The man of fire, “the ASSASSIN" is always on his guard.  He is quite often hard to pin down and to trust that he will keep his promises.  Because he is unpredictable he can be terribly exciting to be around.  If you friend him, he’s “always got your back.”

The man of water, “the SOCIOLOGIST never really makes a commitment to what he thinks, feels or believes.  He constantly seeks to be the witness but never the actor in any real-life situation.  He does have ideas but he keeps them all to himself.  He will ask all the questions and rarely, if ever, answers any himself.

The man of air, “the EXPLORER” rarely stays in one place, unless he is conducting some sort of experiment.  He is often seeking and gaining more information.  He will be an excellent judge and strategically approach any problem or issue. 

The image of this tarot shows a rather portly man who is dressed in crimson velvet and ready to tuck into a mountain of fast-food burgers while he watches television probably set to a shopping channel, where else would he have found his singing fish without the shopping on TV?

He seems perpetually self-satisfied and sees no reason why he should change what’s already good. In fact

He sits amid his treasures and mementoes of a long life where he was always an integral character in his strange or notorious circle of friends. Note his poster of “Devil Chicken”, his once side-show attraction, this chicken won him a few blue ribbons and some carnival renown. He still has many friends and people respect him.  He is an optimist and is a quite generous fellow. Unfortunately he can go overboard with extravagance when he gives gifts to others.

He can either represent you or someone in your environment. The card shows a male, so this explanation uses male pronouns [he, him, and his] but the person in your life represented by this tarot may be a female.  All the “face cards” [child, adolescent, man or woman] can be either gender in a reading, focus more on what kind of person this represents and how that person affects your life now.

If this is someone in your life, you will know who this is because he will often give you gifts, especially when he reminds you more than once what he’s given you.  He may invite you for a meal the first time you meet.  Take care, for while he may be funny and friendly and generous when you meet him, he is likely to steal what you have on your plate when your back is turned!  [And why not, he’s paying!]

Be careful what you accept from him, as he may have expectations of you owing him something because he has given it.  Ensure to thank this person for everything given to you.  If you do not, you will eventually be turned out of his circle but in such a way as you do not realise it is slowly happening.

Someone in your life maybe having financial difficulties because they buy too many frivolous & unnecessary items, both to keep and to give.  You may have to help them understand that people will still like and admire them without gifts.

We put fertilisers and pesticides on the earth and pollute her in the name of progress.  Like her we are also force-fed what is supposedly "good for us".  Society via the media gives us messages that we are not whole individuals unless we own certain material things.  Someone in your life may have some food issues and need your help getting help.

These things are only a substitute for what we really need to feel full.  Something that you truly desire and NEED, and you feel is beyond your grasp so you are gobbling everything that comes into your path.  Slow down, stop even for a while and fill yourself with yourself
As always, share at will, Gabrielle x, 2011

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