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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Tarot 11 Child of Earth "The LOVER"

Innocent and fiercely trusting, this tarot motivates to give and receive love above all else

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”---Tom Robbins

INTERPRETATION: The Children of each suit represent each element in their purest form, stripped down to its most basic state---
  • The child of earth, “the LOVER” knows only how to love, to touch, to embrace...she is a rare treasure.  She knows for certain that love is all and that a hug will heal most hurts. 
  • The child of fire, “the RESEARCHER” knows only the must experience to make sense of the world around him...he seems to be quite brave.  He knows that he still has a lot to learn and is not afraid to learn new things.
  • The child of water, “the SAVIOUR” knows only how to give...she is precious inspiration.  She only touches people’s hearts and gives herself.
  • The child of air, “the DREAMER” knows more about his imaginative self than his physical world.  It is hard for him to determine which is real and which is imagined, both will seem equally valid to this child.

When you meet her, you may notice that she wears clothing made from sumptuous fabrics and has the tendency to hold onto something soft, a purse or pillows.  You will notice her sensuality and she will most likely ask for a hug [or just take one] upon your first meeting. 

The earth is reborn in this infant and she is healing herself.  You are also reborn when you draw this card.  Touch can heal you. 

Nurture your childlike qualities and go outside and play.  It is a time to pay attention to the physical world.  See it anew with awe of her beauties. 

Learn to love the feeling of the earth between your fingers, stand in the tall grass barefoot.  Simple pleasures now can fill you with awe at the magnificence of the world.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot

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