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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Tarot 12 Adolescent of Earth: "The RUNAWAY"

"Know thyself"? If I knew myself I'd run away”---
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“I want to run away,

Just be gone – check out

I long to hide away

And bury my head in my hands

To just cry until I am all cried out

Done - no tears left

Cry till all the sad is gone...”

The Adolescent of earth feels the stirring energy of the metropolis; uncomfortable almost in his own skin. 

INTERPRETATION:  All of the adolescents should be considered as being in the state of being a terrible teen.  They are grown up in some ways and still innocent of experience in the world. 

The adolescent of earth, “the RUNAWAY” is changing every moment and this means that he can never catch his breath.  He doesn’t like the state he is in and thinks that to runaway is his only option. He may appear to trust you but when your back is turn he runs away again.

The adolescent of fire, “the INITIATE” has prepared herself to go into the next part of her life.  Her elders have told her what to expect but not how to feel about it. Only when she finally experiences her initiation will she finally know. She trusts only her experiences.

The adolescent of water, “the PIRATE” is quite self-indulgent, the whole world revolves around him and he thinks nothing of taking what he wants.  This narrow view of the world leads him into doing some petty crimes so to get what he wants.  He is not to be trusted as he will have a convincing act.

The adolescent of air, “the JAILER” feels out of control mentally, constantly worrying about everything.  Since she cannot control her own mind to concentrate, she tries to entrap others to try and control what others think.  She will lie to get people to do what she wants them to and if you can catch her with her true face on you will see how truly manipulative she is. She will try to gain your trust, but tell her as little as possible.

He yearns for the activity and adventure of the unknown.  He has yet to realise that he can never run away from himself. You will notice that he likes to wear clothes that once belonged to someone else.  He perches near doors and windows, close to the exits. 

The earth is changing and is vulnerable.  You are vulnerable as well, but do not run away from your vulnerabilities, make an effort to understand them.  Realise who you are, where you came from, where you are going to…all of these culminate in the you that is you today.  Don't run away from the pain of understanding yourself. 

All parents have to bear the “teenage years” when all children are working out for themselves who they are and what the world means to them.  Taking one’s first steps toward independence is a difficult adventure, especially if the parents’ aren’t too keen on letting go.

If you are a parent with teenagers, this may indicate that they need a little room to grow, so give them some breathing space.

If you follow the child on his runaway adventure because you want to forget something, you could lose what you have already gained in the material realm, can you really afford to lose it?  Running away may seem fun and adventurous but if it is simply an escape to get away from a situation or encounter you believe will be a bad one you will never escape finding a conclusion no matter how far you run.

If you need space from someone or something then this is the time to take off and leave it all behind.  Certainly it’s important to look forward and really commit to the adventure, there will not be any going back.

"Vacation from myself
Vacation from myself
I'm sick of all three
Myself and I and me
And I need a vacation from myself"---Jason Eklund

If you are undergoing a period of redefining who you are and how you want to express it you may find this being a somewhat painful experience.  It may make you feel like running away and changing your identity.  Bear in mind that no matter how you change your appearance, where you work or live or who you live with, you will always end up with the same person---yourself.

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot

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