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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tarot 9 of Earth "SEASONS"

Every earthly manifestation has its moment in the Sun, every step on the spiral of life is a new adventure and every age you live has its golden moments.
INTERPRETATION: Nine of earth represents those things that you have (own, possess) that are intangible.  The material world gives value through the living of your life, but those valuable possessions cannot always be held in your hands. Your life itself is invaluable to you, give a listen:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DejUPN4SksU&feature=related

All nines in all of the suits are very powerful because the numbers

3x3 = 9,
which can either be a powerful positive (blessing) or negative (curse). 

·                     In 9 of earth “Seasons” the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the seemingly mundane: family, home and friends and neighbours.  In its most beneficial you will experience the pleasure of your home life and family, in its most negative you may discover family histories or secrets that do not appeal and at worst makes you feel ashamed to be a member of it

·                     In 9 of fire “SECRET INVESTIGATIONS the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the passions: through vocations or avocations, love relationships, sexuality and the arts.  In its most beneficial you will experience a most satisfying and accomplished period through the secrets you uncover and if you research this is an extra benefit to give you the break-through you were looking for, in its most negative you may find that your investigations have led you to finding things out that you wish you never knew, and this can lead to falsely misconstrued accusations, which in turn can lead to a great explosion of arguments that have the potential of becoming physical fights, revenge-seeking and the ending of an important relationship.

·                     In 9 of Water "Resources" the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the emotions: through giving yourself to others, love relationships, spirituality and the photographic arts.  In its most beneficial you will experience a full soul, a period of spiritual rebirth and romantic love, in its most negative you will be confused and unable to control your emotions and this can cause deep hurt, emotional crippling and loneliness

·                     In 9 of Air "Deception" the power you have at your disposal now comes from a mastery of the intellect: through an ability to ferret out any deception surrounding you.  In its most beneficial you will experience of teaching, learning and research is enhanced, also others will likely seek you out for your good judgement, in its most negative you will find yourself in a situation where you feel you can only act in a deceitful way to protect yourself and this can lead to losing yourself in a tornado of lies

This is a tarot of power because it symbolises the strength of the family line, the value in “blood” whether it is your own blood or the blood of your ancestors---“the blood is the life”. Apparently when the Celtic tribes would take a census of all they owned, such as seven sturdy horses, one bag of silver, etc.  At the very top of their census was the item:  “Child wealth”, for they revered their offspring as the single most important thing they possessed. 

Material security is yours now, though you may not realise it just yet.  Live in the present now, not the past nor future.  Stay in your body!  Earth has her seasons and no one season is more important than the next, spring, summer, autumn and winter.  All lives have their cycles, birth, life, decay and death, rebirth, etc.  It is time to understand the cycle of your own growth and development you find yourself in and embrace it rather than disdain it. 

When you have chosen this card you may need to examine your intangible possessions and appreciate them; such as good health, happy family relationships, joy in living.  Examination of positives helps create stronger focus in your life as you slowly teach yourself to look for that which will be of value to you in the future.  If you are a parent, pay attention to your children, what do you value about then?  Tell them how you value them.  If you are a grandparent, it is time to impart some legacy on one of your children or grandchildren.

If you are an adult and have a living grandparent, visit him or her and pay your respects, as this will help you understand the power in your blood. No matter which stage on the cycle of life you are in now, it is a time to embrace and appreciate all you are and all that you possess.   

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Best Wishes,
Gabrielle Elliot, ©2011

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